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    baryonyx was a mid-sized theropod dinosaur measuring over 9 meters in length. it is characterized by it's massive arms, little, to no orsal structure, and has among the largest tooth count of any theropod dinosaur. this piscivious baryonychine has shown evidence of spinosaurs being more generalized in diet that what was originally believed. the immature baryonyx specimen has shown both fish scales and bones of a young iguanadon.
    this prototype model is in 1: 48 scale and a little over 9 inches in length. it also features a simple jaw mechanic, that allows it to open and close it's jaws at my will. sort of like an awesome add on due to curiosity and boredom. [​IMG] being that i now created a reliable and working jaw mechanic, i'n going to recreate this model with a modified jaws for better accuracy to the actual animal. when all goes well, my spinosaurus won't be too far behind
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    Absolutely fantastic!!! The shape is so elegant. Do you plan to release the model once it is finished? If so, I'd love to see a 1:24 scale version, too..! ;)
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    Oh, PLEASE, release this, it is fantastic! I'll give you a section of the forum for these! :)

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