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  1. jkrenzer

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    Does anyone here know if there are or will be CNC turned barrels for the WAC model Dunkerque?

    After I finish my Sharnhorst project I am thinking of buillding the Dunkerque or Iron Duke. I already have my Iron Duke barrels but would rather build the Dunkerque first.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Highlander

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    It's going to be beautyful model :thumb:

    Metal barrels are available in GPMs shop:

    GPM - modele kartonowe



    PS: Your Tone, Portland and especially Nagato are great !
  3. jkrenzer

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    Thanks for the link. I visited the site. They have many barrels I will need but unfortunately the site links are flawed. I can not get a proper confirmation e-mail from them to set up an account. Also does GPM in Poland accept Paypal?

    Any chance someone in the US has access to these barrels. I have used in the US and hobby factory in Canada, but neither keep a large supply of barrels ready.

    Thanks again.

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