barbed wire

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  1. here is an idea for the barbed wire you would see on top of the fence how about a stretched out spring like out of a note pad or something from the local hardware :)
  2. TruckLover

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    I swear, you never run out of ideas. sign1 sign1 sign1

    Thats a good one :thumb: I was looking for barded wire ideas on here and didn't see any that I really liked. Im going to put them on top of the concrete walls that surround my industrial buildings.
  3. yellowlynn

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    I use strands of a fine metal screen. It is kinked enough, and painted rust it looks pretty good.

  4. Dave Harris

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    I think I'm going to try using some very fine armature wire. I think perhaps that by coating it with some CA glue & then sprinkeling some iron metal filings on it ( from a brake drum lathe) I might get a decent looking barbed wire . I'll let you know how it works.
    I'm open to other ideas if anyone has some.

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