Baltimore and clevelend class cruisers

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by garyj36, May 30, 2005.

  1. garyj36

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    Are there , or were there any kits of these?
  2. Darwin

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    There is a Watkins kit of the Houston, which is one of the Cleveland class light cruisers. I happen to have a copy, and will be doing a redraw of it sometime in the near future. The Helena is a Baltimore class....JSC does a 1:400 kit which makes a fairly decent enlargement subject as demonstrated by my build string. (No, I still haven't worked up the gumption to finish the off on another tangent instead. Watch out for a future tufur build string. Only gonna give you a clue re the subjects..... I'm hopeful they will ward off the blues.)
  3. garyj36

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    Helena as JSC depicts it is a modified brooklyn class. After its loss. A baltimore class was named after it. The JSC Helena would be a good bassis for Brooklyn class which had open single 5" as secondary, followed by a couple like the helena Which shared its twin closed scondaries with some type of destroyer and last a one off Savannah which had twin 5"25's like the battleships
  4. garyj36

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    Did some checking , first helenas secondaries were essentially Porter class destroyers primaries

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