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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Gary60s, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Gary60s

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    I made an HO ballast spreader attachment that fits on my Track Inspection Cars. It is removable, and when it is attached, you just put some ballast between the tracks, and then push the car to spread the ballast. As you can see it spreads the ballast in a near perfect pattern, ready for gluing! Available soon on ebay. Directions are included, along with gluing tips.

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  2. ytter_man

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    That's ingenious, but the ballast is still too close to the railhead for my comfort. Perhaps a few tiny brushes to get the rock off the sides of the rail.

    The reason for this is that i've pulled more than one bit of ballast out of mine and friend's loco gears, not fun.
  3. Gary60s

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    I could have used a paint brush to clean off the small amount of ballast left on the ties before I took the pic, but I won't deceive anyone. It still is much better than spreading it completely by hand. Cleaning stray ballast off doesn't seem to affect the N scalers. I can't make enough of the N version.

    An old timer once told me that if you're getting ballast in your locos, then you haven't glued your ballast down properly.

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