Backmann 45 deg track part question

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by retunga, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Hi All

    I was given a Backmman set which makes use of the E-Z tracks which great for me in that I do not have the space to do a full and fixed setup like one can do with the Atlas tracks and parts.

    In the set there is a 45 degree cross and I am having questions in how the part works, when I join 3 or the 4 parts on to the cross it does not work out in that two of the side pieces have conflits and can not join.

    Is there everyone who has a 45 degree E-Z track that is working in there HO scale setup and if so please post a picture so that I can sse how that parts works.



    Edit add

    Here is a link of the part in question that I found a picture on ebay.
  2. Lighter

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    You will need to use partial length straights and curves to make everything line up. I'd suggest going to the Bachmann site and look for track plans with that particular crossing. That should give you information on the numbers and lengths of the short sections.
  3. retunga

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    Thanks Lighter, I have started a post at the Backmann factory forum to see if they can help out.

  4. retunga

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    Got a reply back from Backmann, one must just cut the track of the piece that is connecting into the 45 degree cross to get it to work.....
  5. Lighter

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    Excellent! :thumb:

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