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    Try it has some great scenery from around the world.
  2. Urban Backdrop

    Hi Charlie, Sorry it has taken so long to answer your thread, but I haven't been on my computer for a while, I like yourself like the urban scenery, but because of the cost of the buildings, I think I will use one city, and the rest Desert and Mountains, such as in Barstow California, with the AT&SF Theme, I love the WAR Bonet red and silver, and also the Blue and yellow of the Diesels. Have you any pictures of your layout?? I would like to see it.


  3. Hi MrGooch, I tried to find that website ( to no avail. I tired different spellings as well can you double check the name, I think the scene you attached is great.. Thanx planeshavings42

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    Correction for website

    I had added an extra S
  6. Re: Correction for website

    It worked for me this time too??? don't know why it didn't when I tried it before without the 2nd s. Oh well, it's a great backdrop website. Thanx mrgooch....

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    Hi planeshavings42!
    You were asking about photos of my layout...there's one on the 1st page of this thread...about the 10th or 11th post...
    Here's another one...

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  8. Nice work Charlie, looks very realistic. You've done a great job aging your rolling stock. and the ground looks superb. These are all things I will have to learn as I go.... But then this is where the fun lies right?? Thanx for the pictures. planeshavings42
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    Charlie the more I look at that picture the more I like it!:cool:
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    I agree with Tyson (this time!!) about the picture. I too have gone back and looked several times. One question Charlie, what is the logo on the boxcar?

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    Charlie, I like the shadow of the tree on the box car! Very realistic.:eek:
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    My Tardy Response

    I meant to comment several days ago but must have had a Senior Moment at the time :) .

    Tyson, Your pic with the Big Hook is superb! Reminds me of my younger days (when I was a mere three feet tall) and used to hang about the RR yard 200 yds away. The realism you captured is out of this world. Well done. I'm now scrounging around for "junk" to enhance my pike.

    Charlie, could you post a picture of the clouds you made to create the shadows on those trees? I haven't a clue how you did it but by heck it's exactly how cloud shadows look on sunny days here in UK. It has to be worth at least one beer for sharing the pic with us.

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    Errol I would like to take credit for the "big hook" but that was Charlie's picture. The clouds over the trees was mine. I used "fill" light (light aimed at the ceiling and walls rather than the layout) then held a hunk of blue stryofoam over one area then another area while the camera was on a tripod with a slow f/stop holding the shutter open.
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    The again Errol if you are refering to the trees casting a shadow on the boxcar that would be Charlie's picture also (another one I would like to take credit for!:D ).
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    Tyson, Charlie, (I'm embarassed :eek: )

    I actually wrote down on paper your names against your pic subjects! and STILL got it wrong. But hey! it's only the first of my three permitted Senior Moments this week. (I think I'm doing well :) :) ).

    Sorry for the mistake guys, (hell, that's another couple of beers I owe). No wonder they turned me down as a column writer at The Gauge's newspaper.

    What did I say elsewhere about planning?... methinks it applies to writing posts too.

    Maybe I should get Tonto to write my posts for me? :D

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    Hi Errol!
    Sure I'll take credit for the "cloud" shot! :)
    No really, don't sweat it...if you've noticed, we've all been dubbed "senior members"! :D

    p.s. Make mine a Bass Ale, please! :)
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    Errol don't worry about it, did you not see what it says under my name for member status?:D :D :D
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    Bob Collins

    Hi Bob...
    In answer to your question, that car is actually one of my Micro-Trains wooden reefers...It's lettered for Parrot Potatoes...
    I realize that my time frame is a little late for wooden reefers, but I like the cars, so just don't tell the rivet counters, OK? :)

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