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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Tileguy, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Tileguy

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    Hello to all you model RR Guru's!! I am just getting back into the hobby after many years away from it.I am looking for options for commercially available backdrops.I am aware of Backdrop warehouse but wondered if anybody knew of other options,Including but not limited to similar companies to the one above,Places to send photographs for creating backdrops,and any other alternatives that may fit the theme here.I am modeling in N scale,live in the northwoods of minnesota and have a 70 mile drive to the LHS so the internet has been a great resource for me ,but i know about search limitations.Any help would be durely appreciated.
    This looks like a great Forum and i hope to be able to visit often :)
  2. DanRaitz

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    Where up here in GOD's crountry do you live?
    If the next time you are visiting W.K. Walthers web site look for their backdrops. You can also look in the magazines at all the ad's.

  3. Tileguy

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    Holy smokes!! a neighbor!! Hiya Dan and thanks for your reply.And oh i am just Down the street from you in Warba.You may have at 1 time or another seen My Tilewerks Truck running around town ;)Nice to know there's someone else up here into trains.So, did you make it to the Train show in Duluth last weekend??
  4. Sir_Prize

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    First-- WELCOME ABOARD!!! and Greetings from the WAY Down

    I got a couple background links for ya:

    Realistic Backgrounds

    I'm sure I have more, but their at home.:rolleyes:
    Shhhh!! I'm at work....:eek: ;)
  5. Tileguy

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    Thanks for the Welcome and the Links Ken.
    I should actually qualify my original statement.
    I am not actually just getting back into the hobby.I am just getting out of the Arm Chair phase of it would be a true'r statement.Ive actually been collecting equipment ,kits etc for about 8 years in N scale.I have a spare bedroom a small one but i do have Benchwork pretty much completed and I have been working with Corey Lynch (pres of rensellear modell rr club)on developing a Track Plan.The Yard area has been developed and i will be laying track for it over the course of the next few weeks.I will be freelancing and modeling transition era aprox 1959-1960.My thoughts were to Develop a regional bridgeline that interchanges with a Couple Class 1 RR's Namely Northern Pacific and Great Northern.This Regional would be developed along the lines of a combination DM&IR,D&NE type theme assuming they never got a chance to exist due to this Line already having been well entrenched in the area.I have yet to name the Line but have a few thoughts and am willing to entertain any and all suggestions.I am going to see if i can attach a pic of the yard and service area that has been thus far developed. :)
    Well, i guess my file is just a bit too large. I'll see if i can cut it down a bit and post it later.Gotta get to work!! :)
  6. DanRaitz

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    Yeah I made to Duluth. The wife had to work so I had the day to myself (of course had to make a stop at Menard's).
  7. Tileguy

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    Well for me it was Train Show ,Carrs Hobby ,Blackwoods In Proctor for a late Lunch(they have a great G scale DM&IR Shelf layout and the foods good too),then Menards ;)The Wife came along.She likes the shows :)

    I got your Email & Replied Dan!

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  8. chapmon

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    You might check out for some fairly new backdrops.

    My local hobby dealer just got some in (13" x 38") and they are simply outstanding.

    It is excellent photography, well thought out, and could easily be implemented into our layouts.

    By the way, Dan is a good modeler, hope you can hook up with him.

    Mike :D :D :D
  9. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Thanks Mike, Reasonably priced too :)
  10. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Well i finally got to meet Dan briefly (he looks like he was an engineer in a former life );)
    Word is ,he is coming over on thursday to speak to the Board of Directors.Of course this particular firm is so short handed,we may have to give him an honorary title (and a razor knife) :D
    I have to wonder what a guy can do with an entire locomotive that isnt much bigger than one of the trucks off his units though.Its ok Dan, I have a magnifier visor for ya :)

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