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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by wickman, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. wickman

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    I'm not sure how to ask but I need help and or direction to paint a backdrop on a bare white wall. First off I'm no artist by any means. I'm just looking to break up my tree line that borders around most of the layout , I'm not really even keen on clouds at least not right away. I just need direction on making a simple backdrop scene so that my trees don't have white glaring through from in behind wall. Maybe simply some mountains with trees in the forground so the darn white doen't show through. I still have room to get up on the benchwork to work and the trees I have planted already still is allowing me room to get behind them. :wave:
  2. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    Paint the walls sky blue? Then maybe paint in clouds later.

  3. zedob

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    Paint it white/light gray at the horizon and blend into blue at the top. The sky isn't a constant blue. It'll be a good base for anything that is placed or glue to the front of it and you can always add clouds later on.

    see thread for what I am talking about.
  4. scubadude

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    Link to the Backdrop Wharehouse site at the top of this page an see if there is anything that works for you.....
  5. bigsteel

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  6. wickman

    wickman Member

    Thanks guys I picked up some blue today at home depot , Josh that tutorail is exactley what I'm looking for , and thats a great reference picture going from white to greyish to blue.:wave:
  7. Myowngod

    Myowngod Member

    Here's a few pix of how I painted my back drop, still far from done. I used 1/8 Masonite, spackled the joints and primed with plain white primer. I fortunate enough to work at a hardware store with Benjamin Moore paints, so when there's a mistake qt or gallon that is of use on the layout I grab it. The sky blue color started out lighter then what I show here but I made it closer to a sunny day blue. Then I got a quart of ceiling white for the bottom half. I also grabbed a 2oz sample bottle of a light grey that Ben Moore has for trial colors (many colors that are useful for layouts, etc. that are cheap). I used the grey to add depth and shadows to the clouds. This was so easy to do even my 4yr old daughter made a convincing cloud.

    Masonite up and spackled

    Primed and spackle almost dry

    The bottom half with ceiling white and the top a sky blue(color may vary for whatever kind of day you want.

    Starting in the middle with a criss-cross pattern to blend the white and blue. Then I did long horizontal strokes to blend it from light to dark.

    The first section of cloud done with leftover ceiling white and the light grey sample color. Notice the clouds at the bottom are smaller not as detailed to add to the distance perspective.

    Here is another corner with more clouds. The cloud at the very bottom in the middle of the picture is the one my 4yr old daughter did. She thinks it looks like an alligator facing to the right.

    I post a few more pix of the long wall with completed clouds.
    You can see the complete progress of my Dad's and mine layout in the link in my signature.
  8. Myowngod

    Myowngod Member

    Here's a couple of shots of a longer view of the sky background. I have not added any mountains or city scenes because I'm not sure where they're going to fall on the layout.





    Thanks for looking and good luck painting your background.
  9. wickman

    wickman Member

    Wow Ron you and your 4 year old daughter should be very proud of the great job with the back drop. Just between you me and the cloulds I think your daughters cloud came out the best.This really helps me out alot. Once I get the blue done ( now knowing I should only go half way down the wall ) I'll come take a few more peaks at yours. I'll get the blue white mixed in then I have to figure out for putting a few hills.
    I'm not using a back drop base basicly I'm using the entire wall from the bench and hills height all the way to the ceiling. :wave:
  10. Go Big1

    Go Big1 Member

    Ron, great backdrop painting. I have a question: how did you affix the masonite to the walls? Did you screw it, and then cover the screws with spackle, or did you use liquid nails or some other adhesive?
  11. Myowngod

    Myowngod Member

    Thanks for the :thumb:. If you look at the first pictures you see a 1' wide red stripe, there is a 1/4" thick trim on the top and bottom that I screwed into along the top. Where the masonite joints are I screwed it in a couple spots and spackled the joints. One thing I learned the hard way was that one of the joints was to close to the curved corner and it made hard to sand smooth.
  12. wickman

    wickman Member

    Good news I got a coat of blue on the walls, ( I was quite happy looking in the train room the next morning I couldn't beleive what even a bit of blue did) .I may have gone down just a bit low but I think it should be ok on the next step when I coat the lower what looks like white with white flat then blend it all together. It was funney when my wife walked in and said "hey your painting my walls , and I slowly turned around as I teedered ontop of the bench work and replied with a big huge grin " you don't honestly think your ever going to get this room back do you" :twisted:
    Any tips before I go to the next step ?
    Sorry about the poor picture quality I'll be the first to admit photograhy is not somehing I know much about.

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