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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by jim_bow, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. jim_bow

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    Heya guys I've not been around this neck of the internet for a while but I've been bitten again by the papercrafting bug and so like a moth to the candle I return.

    I needed a model that didn't use coloured ink as I'm all out and I found this Jack Skellington model from The Nightmare Before Christmas. A friend of mine is a massive fan so I set about making it for her as a surprise.

    The lapel was a bit fiddly and I had to reprint the hips and have another go. Definitely the trickiest one I've made so far but well worth it. Turned out a bit bigger than I thought it would too!
    Jack now lives pride of place on the dresser in my friends dining room, she loves it:mrgreen: it was really satisfying knowing I was making it for someone else and I was surprised at the reaction it got on my Facebook page. Paper models make a great and unique gift!
  2. Rogerio Silva

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    First of all, congratulations on a beautifully done job, WAY TO GO! Second, totally agreed on the "papercraft as a gift"matter.
    Not only people get surprised with the quality of the model, but they gest astounded when they it's made of... PAPER!

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Nice job, that is a fun one to build. Did you double side the hands?
  4. Marman

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    Really nice job.

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