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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by nolatron, Jan 15, 2007.

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    We'll be moving into our new house next month and I've secured my own office/study/train room that's app. 10x15.

    So I've started working on a new layout. My original idea was to recreate Pelle Soeberg's UP Daneville HO Layout in N-Scale, but it looks like I'm gonna run a little short to adequetly run a grade on the right side of the layout. Well the length available I would have to use a 4% grade! Yeesh!

    So it looks like I'm probably going to have to redesign to keep staging not under/over the layout because of lack of grading space.

    Here's the current plan, but I'll probably go some kind of loop-de-loop on the middle portion to add-in staging behind a backdrop and then having the mainline only cross the walkway once.

    It'll make sense once I lay it out :)

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    hmm. I think I may work around with something like this:


    Double railroad layout, and maybe just run staging on a shelf on the upper wall over the desk. Hmm... I think I like. :D
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    By George, I think I got it.

    I ended up sorta using ideas from both layouts. I kept the Daneville layout style, but instead of having the outer loop duck under the level, I added a crossover that'll be "behind the scenes" to have a single continuous mainline. I'll think incorporate the outer loop into the scene in the left.

    The farthest right scene will probably be a mountain scene like the original daneville, with the inner side being an industrial refinery. Working for a engineering company made me wanna do a real good refinery type scene.

    A bridge at the lower section will help act as a scene diveder, and help get the outer loop track to "disappear" on it's way to the outer right.

    On thing I'm gonna play with on the outer right is using some curver turnouts to add a passing siding there.

    But I'm liking it! woo!


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