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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by csxengineer, Feb 1, 2005.

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    I hate designing track plans. I truly suck at it. I try so hard to stick to a prototype, I can never finish one because I'd rather do scenery, so I half-ass the trackwork, then during the scenery, I don't like the way it's going so I rip up the track and repeat. I have the space & free time that most would envy, but I waste time, waste money, and end up frustrated. When we lived in an apartment, I finished a nice 4'X4' N scale layout, but got rid of it when we bought the house and now I have a 11' X 10' space but I am worse off. My first attempt at the house layout was a 8'x10' around the walls with a duck under. I vowed to never have a duck under again, so I made a 11' X 10' around the walls U shaped layout. Problem was that since I wanted continous running, the track runs through the same scene twice, once on level near edge, once on risers in back. unrealistic. I give up. Recently I saw a modular club who had the most simplest track plan. No grades, no spaghetti bowl, just a double track mainline loop with a yard and a couple of sidings. I think that may be the way for me to go. In this month's Model Railroader, the main layout was simple, yet his excellent scenery conveyed time and place. I think that is the focus I need to have. I currently have a huge mess to clean up in the garage, but I may post later after I hear from some of you if you've run into same problems. Thanks for letting me vent.
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    I really don't enjoy trackwork............but, if I want trains to run, I have to lay track :( Once I've laid track, I'll be ( ) if I'll rip it up and do it again! Soooooo,,,,,may you should try designing your scenery, and make the track fit that! ????? :D :D
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    Hang in there csx, this is suppossed to be fun, if it's not just let it go for awhile. BTW It's not that unusual for two lines to parrallel or cross over each other.
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    Do a single module with return modules on each end for running. This way, you can break up building your layout into chunks. Get one module complete, then add another between the end loops. Repeat the process again.

    This way, the track laying portion is kept to a minimum (only a 2x4 module), and you can get trains up and running with less fuss.

    Once you get sick of running trains and you want to switch, ditch the return loops. Tired on one theme and want to switch? Wipe clean a module and start again. With modules, you are not invested in getting all 11x10 done at once.
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    I have an 11.5'x6.5' corner for my layout.
    I ended up with an M shape, no duck unders here. :D

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    I like your layout, but I know I would feel confined in that aisle space. Or, I'd back up and knock everything over behind me!
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    The aisles are 27" wide.

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