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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by jtraff, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. jtraff

    jtraff New Member

    Hi guys,

    Being seperated from paper-modelling for over a year due to serious health issues and
    a comeback professionally I try to log on to for the first time in many month last week.

    I was meet by a new lay-out and new people...I could not find any of the "old guys" and
    any of my paper model heroes.

    I log on to Kartonbau and finaly in one of my "heros" (Leif Oh) posts find a mentioning of

    I'm real paper model amature with a very small out-put rate (health aside I have also small children, a wife, a house, a garden, friends, two cars and job that needs some attention).

    I'll not going into all the stuff that I have read here, and in other forums, but I would like
    to say:

    WE now have three main forums (, Karton and this forum) plus several smaller.
    We should be happy for this diversity and try to gain from it.
    I do not know all that has happened, and I don't really want to know, but I guess that
    all these guys that are devoting time and other resourses to run these forums most
    probably are not Evil.

    Last year, or was it in 2005, we had the falling out in the Kartonbau forum which I as
    a lurker did never really understand but it still did hurt.

    So pls. guys lift your eyes from your desk, put down the tweezer, stop sniffing the glue , look out the window, take a walk, inhale and see the full picture where paper-modelling is only a part of life...not the whole life.

    I thank Jason for administer, Peter for taking care of this site and a number of guys at Kartonbau. You make it possible for us hacks to further develop our skills, see nice builds, get news etc.

    Be good,

  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    It's good to have you back in the hobby George!
    True it is a hobby and we should not let the important things in life go.
    Many things are more important but it is also important to have a hobby of some kind. A break from the daily grind and hustle and bustle of life.

    I am looking forward to seeing some of your creations and to seeing you around the forums.
    Enjoy your stay!

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