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  1. rcline

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    :wave: Well, I'm back home again!
    I just got back home about an hour ago, (1:00 a.m.) After having been bad sick and in bed for 8-10 days and then had to run like a mad man to San Antonio for a week of teaching at Mil-Com Electronics. After Mil-Com, I went straight to Austin
    for a week doing a systems intigration job on a new plastic molding injection machine. From Austin, I drove to Jacksonville to the Hayes plastics plant to do some service work for a few days and then had to go back to San Antonio to Liddo's plastics for a system upgrade on Ole Besty, (a 20 year old blow molding machine). Now comes the fun part - Having left San Antonio and heading home,
    the engine in my old van gave up the ghost. The motor blew when coming through a little town called Hico. I got really lucky a met an older man who ownes his own auto repair shop and we towed the van to his place. After we got there we parked my van around back and ran elect and water out to it so I would have a place to live while repairing the engine. Mr. Hobbs ordered all the parts that I needed and he set me up in the corner of his shop and let me do all the repair work myself. Mr. Hobbs sold me all the parts at his cost and gave me full
    run and use of his shop. ( a man could ask for no better ). Mr. Hobbs who is 63
    years of age and his wife, Lacey, who is 57 years of age and was a runner up in the 1973 Miss America and still looks like she is only 35 or so :thumb: , made it a point to take me home with them for dinner every night and every day Lacey would come to the shop at lunch time and take us out to eat. ( What more could a man ask for ). Because Bob and Lacey were so nice to me for everything, I ended up doing a lot of electrical work in thier home for them. I even rigged up a trip switch in the door trim going from the garage to the kitchen so that when Lacey got home with an arm load of goodies from the store, she could just bump the door trim with her arm and the door would open by itself. Now let me tell you, that door trick put Lacey in the land of hog heaven, if you know what I mean! On my last day there, (which was today), Bob (Mr. Hobbs) had to go out of town for the night while I finished up with the van. Lacey came by and picked me up and took me out to dinner and then she took me sight seeing around town, which is really quite a historic place. I even saw where Jessie James was buried, although there is no proof that the man buried there is the real Mr. James. From there we went to look out point for awhile to see the city all lit up at night, ( for a couple of hours) and then back to the van where I headed home tonight.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs are both really nice people and have now become good friends of mine. Because I go through Hico about once every 3 months or so, I promised that I would always stop in to say hi. They also made me promise to go and visit them more often because Hico is only about 2 hours down the road from my house.
    Now that I am back and will getting caught up on my work here I will be getting back on the solder shop again. You know how it is, first work, then comes play time.
    Now a special thanks to Bob and Lacey for everything that they did for me and for the help that they gave me during a time of really bad luck.

    Randy Cline

  2. spitfire

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    Wow Randy what a wonderful story! How lucky you were to meet these fine people - they sound like they live their lives according to the values of a kinder, more innocent time.

  3. Chessie6459

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    Welcome Home, sounds like you met some good people.
  4. N Gauger

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    Glad to have you safe at home :) :) ) Thats a fantastic story!!! :) Great People :) :) :)
  5. interurban

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    rcline These lovely folk are now your friends for life, Great to meet nice people. :thumb:
    We are so glad you were looked after "for all your needs".
  6. ausien

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    you are a lucky fellow, when strangers you meet, welcome you into thier homes.(Thomas Hardy)...

    He could have been writing about you my friend, especialy in this day and age,when it seams that people are out for what they can get. You met some that only wanted you help, you were a lucky Fellow, and as Chris, says they are friends for life now. Glad to have you back home again.... now you can go to work in the solder shop.. you left me with a hot iron!!..LOL ..have a good one..steve
  7. rcline

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    thank you to all for your kind words --- and Steve, I'll get back on the solder shop tonight, right after Brenda fixes me some SUPPER!!!! I'm as hungry as a ?????

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