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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scoobyloven, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. scoobyloven

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    well guys we are back home from my son make a wish trip to disney world.
    we had a blast while their all of my boys had a great time. at the theme parks and at give kids the world "thats where we satyed " my youngest had my in their train room their all day playing with the trains and riding the one that gose around the whole place. he rode it for 6 hours. when we went to magic kingdom he was chooo chooo chooo chooo dada dada choo choo with their steam loco they have their we got to ride up front in the loco he got whistle happy. they gave him his own hat. and. my dlsabled son got one also with his name put on it. we did everything in all 4 parks and he got his wish to see bear in the big blue house in person they did it after the show it was joy in his eyes.and tears in mine and his mothers. the parks went out of their way for him and when one cast member set it up for he could meet bear it was worth it all .he is the only one that dosen't do meet and greets. after the show they let every one out closed the doors and brought bear out with the guy from out of the box. bear danced his cha cha cha dance for my son and i got it all on video with his face all light up and we got photos also then they came out with a big box of bear stuff for him every bear thing out. he even got a 48 inch crystel bear and the gang they shipped home for us. he got so much disney stuff we had to buy 4 more realy big suite cases to bring it all home in. he got evey pin they had at all 4 parks and even some of the cast members where giving him their cast member only pins we watched the firework show at magic kingdom from the castle. he even went to sea world where he swam with the dalphins and feed shammoo. and we went to universal studios. for my oldest boy. but after a week home my son was in the hospital.for a very high feaver. cause still unknown. but he is doing better know. he is just wating for the 31st for candy. i thought you all would like to know how the trip went i got some photo's i'll post when i get a chance
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    Welcome back. Glad to hear he had a great time. It is wonderful to hear that the cast did so much for him to help make the trip an unforgettable experience.
  3. N Gauger

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    Man - That's bEEEUtiful!!!!!!! What a great place! So glad you all had a great time! :D :D :D

    It's not every tourist place that would do that much for you. :) Really great!!

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!! ........ and glad he's doing better - probably the change in the weather - or the trip itself - you never know :(
  4. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    That is fantastic. Glad you all had a good time, totally unforgettable and that's what you went there for in the first place.:cool: It's great to know the park went to the lengths they did, better medicine than you get at any doctor's office.:thumb::thumb:

    Looking forward to seeing the pics.
  5. Tyson Rayles

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    That's awesome Scooby!
  6. ausien

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    Welcome home scoob,:wave: really glad the lad/lads had a Grand time,:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: and by the sound of it mum and dad didnt have a to badder time either, :rolleyes: :rolleyes: bet the boys kept you busy.;) :D :D

    sorry to here the boy is not the best,:cry: but hope he bounces back quickly....:thumb: :thumb: all the best of luck in the future scoob... have a good one..steve:wave: :wave: :wave:
  7. Sir_Prize

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    ...just a second I'm trying to move the tears to see the keyboard.
    I'm happy that all had a great time and that the parks went so far for you.
    Sorry to hear he got a fever, perhaps it was just the excitement.
    Actually, I jealous... I may be 35, but Bear in the big blue house is cool!
  8. Gary Pfeil

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    I'm so glad to hear the trip went so well, and that the folks at Disney are so accomodating. Truly touching, I had the same problem as Ken! I think Make a Wish just moved to the top of the list of charities to donate to.

  9. Pitchwife

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    Couldn't hace said it better myself. :thumb: :thumb:
  10. scoobyloven

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    here are some pics of the trip.
    1.) where we stayed

    2.) the train my youngest had me on for hours

    3.) their train layout it was done in 0 scale and it was about 30x30 and the whole room was filled with trains and buttons for the kids to push to make it go and other thing. they look dark thats becouse it was night time on the layout. they had every thing set on timers from dawn to dusk even thunder storms with sound. it was cool planning on doing my layout this way with the lighting

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  11. scoobyloven

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    the other train they had their. he had me on this one also ..

    i'll post more as i get them on here . i'll post the ones of when he met bear in the big blue house.

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  12. MasonJar

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    Looks like fun! I'll bet they did not have to twist your arm too far... ;) :D


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