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  1. Hello everyone, can someone tell me the best and cheapest place to order back drop scenes? i need them 12" - 14" tall and 8' length. Someone told me that there is a place to order blemished ones for $9.95, but i cant find them. Thanks!
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    I am just going to make my own. I took pictures of the mountains and with photodraw cloned them together. Next I separated them into 8 by 10s and will have walmart print them out for around $2.50. each. Its some work but I am getting specificly what I want to fit the area. If you make them just make sure there is overlap. Didn't see 8 feet long at first. This woudn't work for you but other people reading this might find it useful.

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    I know you've already done the work to make 8x10 images, but you might want to see what someone like Kinkos can do - they may be able to make larger prints like 11x17, though lower quality, but you'll end up with far fewer seams in your backdrop. Also, there may be someone near you that has one of those wide format 'plotter' type printers that can do four feet wide by however long.
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    I never thought about printing it out on a plotter. My dad's work has one and my drafting class has 2

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