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Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by bill937ca, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I have the Bachmann PCC. If the Peter Witt is the same motor then I have to warn you that it runs really fast and nowhere near prototypical speed.

  4. bill937ca

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    This trolley is apparently getting very good reviews. It can operate around Richard Or 6 1/4" switches unmodified.
  5. cntown

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    Saw them at Trains on Brant look nice $79.99 I think was the price they were selling for.
  6. 60103

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    cntown: we were in there today as well. Looked nice, but not Toronto. Bought Emily for $39.99.
    Interested to see that they had a retriever rope on the trolley pole. I think that's a first for HO RTR.
  7. cntown

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    I don't know how they sell for less than everyone else around TO. I buy stuff from them sometimes $25- $40 cheaper than other LHS. The thing I have seen is they only sell the stuff that moves not much detail parts.
  8. Bill Nelson

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    It is exciting to see some new RTR traction stuff available. when I was a kid in Cincinnati in the 60's , the traction guys did the most incredible modeling I was exposed to locally.

    I some how changed from an old west modeler to southeastern logging, but I have always wanted to play with the trolley stuff. The small radius's possible make the field ripe for portable or micro layouts.

    I'm thinking re power my ancient Ken Kidder trolley, and see if i can build a modern upgrade on the Bowser Brill, unit, make used of some of the DPM and other fine brick building kits, and do a small Court house square scene as a micro.

    Bill Nelson

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