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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by miktrav2, Dec 25, 2004.

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    I recently bought a Spectrum Keystone set for my son. We were running 2 engines on the track at the same time and the engines suddenly stopped with no warning. I shut the power off at the power pack and started looking for short circuits and checking the engines. After finding nothing and turning the power back on they both started running again. I soon realized that the problem was occuring because there were two engines on the track. I think the power pack was shutting itself down after heating up with the 2 engines on the track. Is this normal? Should I get a new Power supply? I bought the Spectrum set because I was told they contained better quality pieces than the normal sets. Do I need to buy a new power supply?

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    I have a Spectrum power pack and mine does the same thing. i think they were only designed to run one or two locomotives at a time. they automatically shut themselves off when they get too hot or sense a short or overload, then when they cool back down they reset.

    It seems odd that yours trips with only 2 locos on the track. i have run as many as 4 with no problem, but they wernt pulling a train so they wernt drawing much power. your best bet would be to get one of the MRC power packs, they last longer and they can handle many more locos at the same time.
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    power pack

    spectrum trains mostly great, a bit to fragile for little hands, thier power pack if I had one i would give it to you, nuff said, get an MRC older ones can be had for cheap

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