Bachmann Spectrum passenger cars.

Discussion in 'Product Review Forum' started by KentBy, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. KentBy

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    I just go five that I order in GN colors.
    Over all impression - Very nice for the price.

    I got three coach cars and two Pullman. They are all lighted. I ran them on my DC layout and the five cars pulled 130mv at 14.45 volts.
    Very little flickering as the cars ran around the track.
    The couplers are mounted to the trucks through some linkage inside the body of the car. (See pictures). This did let the cars run through my 18" radius track without problem, the they sure looked odd.

    The Pullman cars measure 81 ft and the coach cars are 77 ft.

    As for the claimed rubber diaphragms, well the are rubber, but they are not flexible and don't extend to the next car. They may as well have been cast with the body.
    The other problem that I see with these cars is that two of the five couplers hang down to low. I will write to Bachmann to see what can be done about this.


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  2. steamaholic

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    You mentioned low couplers

    I, too, have bought Spectrum passenger cars. The latest are two Santa Fe coaches, and one of them has a very low coupler that will fit totally underneath the other coach's coupler. I wonder if Bachmann knows this is happening with a percentage of their passenger cars. Also, I bought a NIB Spectrum 2-8-0 that developed a belt problem while breaking in. There's a whole lot of screeching and jerky movement. I called Bachmann and they said to return it for a replacement. One wonders about Chinese quality control these days.
  3. GN.2-6-8-0

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    For those with wide enough curves I would highly suggest body mounting the couplers and unfortunely those diaphragms being to stiff would only cause derailments if they were close enough to touch.

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