Bachmann Re Tooled Amfleet Cars

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SeanNEC, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. SeanNEC

    SeanNEC New Member

    i just bought some bachmann amfleet cars and wondering if there any specific brands of knuckle couplers that will fit into the coupler area of these cars. im looking to hook these cars up to a Kato P42 Genesis Loco

  2. SeanNEC

    SeanNEC New Member

    anyone have any ideas
  3. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    Wish I could be of some help but I haven't had any experiance with amfleet cars. Surely someone here has.
  4. LongIslandTom

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  5. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    I used some MicroTrain couplers (1133's I think) and removed the rapido couplers. You can buy a truck with a MicroTrain coupler that is a 4 or 6 wheel exact fit for the Bachmann Amtrak pax cars too. You can visit the MicroTrain web site for a conversion excel spreadsheet and find exactly which car you have and what truck/coupler conversion kit you need. I don't know their website address (probably but I'm not sure) but you can visit and use the Microtrain link in the Catalog section.
  6. DavidB-AU

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    I have 6 Amfleet cars which run as a unit. I put a MT 1015 body mount on each end of the set to couple to my Life Like F40PH. This requires a bit of surgery to remove the mount for the Rapido.

    I kept the Rapidos within the set, but replaced the long shank couplers with short shank ones off some Bachmann freight car trucks. Not very close coupled but closer than they were.

    I did think of putting MT Commonwealth passenger trucks on the cars but the distinctive Budd inside frame trucks are part of the appeal of the prototype.

    On the down side, the Bachmann trucks are pretty bad even for Bachmann. I only just tolerate them and they frequently derail. There is a challenge for MTL or any other innovative manufacturer to make a decent, free running replacement that still looks like the prototype.

    Longer term I plan to try kitbashing some Amfleet cars into SPV2000s, but that's another story!

  7. SeanNEC

    SeanNEC New Member

    well i decieded to send an email to bachmann so we'll see what they have to say!

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