Bachmann Plus EMD F7A and F7B N Scale Engines

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by markinsd, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. markinsd

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    Can i adjust the wheel gauge on these engines? Put them on the track (Atlas code 55) and they run but they have a lot of play and are Very Noisy!

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. wildmary_man

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    the bachmann wheel gauge

    Its possible to adjust the wheels, simply insert a flat screwdriver, between the wheel and truck assebly and apply a little pressure by "twisting" the driver to the side to move the wheel out. use as little pressure as possible to avois damage to the assembly, if your capable tear the assemblies apart and rig a puller. As for the noise, it comes from the pizza cutter wheels clacking on the railties, One option is to buy wheels from Northwest Shortline; but honestly if your handy with a dremel or file it's just as easy to trim the wheels down, it is something I do with everything from Life-Like/Bachmann wheels to the normal profile Micro trains freight car plastic wheels.

    I begin by hookin up my powered piece of track, just long enough to hold against a trucks 2 axles, then turn the engine over covering the slots that expose the gears then hold the power to the truck not being worked on. Then apply power I usually do 75% of the bench power supply... then turn the dremel on and begin moderatly grinding the flange down and checking by turning the supply off, to make sure of the depth. keep the dremel's rotation so that the refuse is blown away from the engine. and proceed to the next wheel... Then when they are all done I finish up with a fine polisher, usually one of those cheap multi grit nail files.

    You should follow up by then removing the truck assembly and making sure no metal is in the trucks gear cases.

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