Bachmann On3O shay & HO code 83

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Johnson Bar, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Johnson Bar

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  2. Dan Vincent

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    I would guess the Bachmann Shay could run on code 83 but that's just a guess.

    I'd like to know how small a rail the Shay can handle.

  3. Dragon

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    I haven't actually run it on code 83, but I've set the Shay and one of the Coahes on code 83 and the flanges do not hit the tie plates.
    My guess is...It should work.

    Haven't tried HO code 70 yet...

  4. Johnson Bar

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    The shay work's fine on the code 83, But the trouble I found was passing over the cast frogs. even with the small flanges!It suprized me. I ended up reverse engineering the #6 switches. it has been an experience that has been rewarding to a point I have learned quite a lot by trial and error. Not to mention I have scratch built two #6 wyes & two Right hand #6 turnouts! Code 70 I will leave that up to you all ! I wouldnt see why it wouldnt work as long as the flange ways can pass through the frogs.Here's a challenge, Try code 70 or better yet, code 55 N scale rail hand laid to On3 ties! That would look like 25 lb rail ! Thats going to exterms but what the hay!
  5. Dan Vincent

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    What brand of track or frogs is giving you trouble, is it just one or do they all do it?

    I'm thinking of using Peco track with the prototypical tie spacing so I'm curious about any potential problems.

    If you're having trouble on heavy rail it might be worse on the light stuff.
  6. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Dan,
    If you are going into 0n30, then use Peco track & Points (Turnouts) they are perfect. I use the Bachmann shay and it runs over track and points without any problems what so ever.
  7. Dan Vincent

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    I'm getting into the phase of building rolling stock and looking for novel types of power by kitbashing with HO locos.

    I built a two-track folded bone N-scale layout a while back that was an open framework type fitted to the pegs of a bunk bed.

    A simple On30 layout could be done the same way but I want he trackwork to be problem-free. From what everyone says Peco is the way to make that happen and it shouldn't be too expensive on a small layout.

    I keep looking at all your pictures for ideas. Fantastic models.
  8. Johnson Bar

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    Dan, I was useing Micro engineering HO code 83 turnouts #6 to be exact. I stripped the ties and had hand laid it to Mt Albert On3 wood ties. The micro eng rail does fne , it was the cast frogs that the wheel sets would lift and derail . I personally would have used the peco track for trouble free operation but a friend of mine ( God rest his soul) he died this last January , pressured me into hand laying my rail. I really enjoy the modeling of the track The hard lessons of scratch building switches .What has turned into a Model in it self. In the long run was rewarding when you finally master the art . well, almost mastered .
    To save the trouble YES USE THE PECO!!!
  9. Dan Vincent

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    When I was young I handlaid HO track a few times and wasn't that proud of my finished product.

    Now I have to wear reading glasses and I'm not sure how it would come out.

    With Peco I would be safe.

    LOL, I'll stick to modifying locos & stuff.

  10. Johnson Bar

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    Dont feel bad , I have to remove my glasses to see detail. I never could get used to bifocals! That isnt good for the saftey issue!
    Shamus , I own a video with a segment with a On3 layout called the cooncreek Railroad . It is on the tape "Great model railroads " Is that you and the same? Also I viewed your web site . Wow thats nice! Would you or could you share on the subject on how you made your tree's ?
  11. Dan Vincent

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    When I received my Bachmann "Silverton Flyer" On30 set I was very disappointed to see nothing more than stock HO sectional track.

    I realize this is a big cost-savings for Bachmann but do they realize how much more track they could sell if they made an On30-Specific line of products.

    They are missing the boat because serious modelers will jump to Peco or handlaid tracks. As On30 grows Bachmann will continue to lose out on track sales.

    They should take a lesson from Kodak...they didn't care if they gave you a camera...the money was in film developing.
  12. Johnson Bar

    Johnson Bar Member

    Maybe as the scale popularity grows .Who knows Atlas could take up the slack on track. About the code #70, I took a close look when my flanges passed over the rail spike heads on #83 . There isn't much room for clearance One spike head to high and I 'll have a speed bump.
  13. shamus

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    Hiya friend, Railroad Model Craftsman magazine (May issue 2004) has an article I wrote on making these tall timbers, plus making ground cover.
  14. Johnson Bar

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    Thanks! I will attempt to purchase one before they sell out! Thanks !!!!

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