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Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by shamus, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Some time next year, Bachmann are bringing out "in 0n30" a Climax, now if this runs as good as the Shay, I shall be very interested in buying one of these. Wish they would bring out 20t Heisler sometime.
  2. camelot

    camelot Member

    They are bringing out a HO Class B climax as well , gee i am looking forward to that , again if its runs anything like the 3 truck shay it will be great.

    And Paul , rivarossi have a HO Heisler as i am sure you know . i think you had/have one.One of the pitfalls of changing over the from HO to On30 maybe :D


  3. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Hmmm. Heisler.

    If their soon-to-be-released Climax runs (and sells) as well as their Shay, I'll bet that a Heisler would be next. :)
  4. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member

    Sounds good to me...Shay, Climax, Heisler, Vulcan and any other logging/mining type locos that can handle backwoods tracks.

    On30 is getting exciting.
  5. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    ...And More...

    Just to add to that...Model Power has picked up some of the old Mantua Line, including the 2-6-6-2 in tank and tender style. These are hugely popular kitbash items, if I'm not mistaken. Interestingly, they're supposed to be lower priced and improved.
  6. camelot

    camelot Member

    I got one of the original Mantua 2-6-6-2 Loggers , they are beautiful looking locos . cost quite a bit on ebay and it came damaged , but well worth it.

    When i saw that Model Power where retooling them and the retail price my jaw hit the ground , at that price i may just need another one:D

    and they come dcc prewired too.


  7. grlakeslogger

    grlakeslogger Member

    Update on Bachmann HO Climax

    While at Trainfest on Nov. 8th, I stopped by the Bachmann booth and asked about a delivery date for the HO Climax. Their factory rep said it won't be out until winter of 2004 . We have to wait at least another whole year!
  8. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Yep. Keep A-Waitin'!

    That's right, Stu. When Bachmann says "winter 2004", they mean December 2004, not January 2004! [​IMG]
  9. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    :confused: I really want an HO climax. I have always thought that mechanically they made more sense than the Shays (although I do admit to owning a MDC 2-truck shay and a Bachmann 3-truck shay ;) )

    It looks like we'll be waiting a wee while so I'm going to have to build myself a class A climax. Unfortunately the four Ultrascale gearboxes and two sets of reduction gear may take up to 14 weeks to arrive :sleeping: .

    It's never easy, is it.

  10. Lightbender

    Lightbender Member

    Hello Neil,

    Please forgive me but I find the idea of one geared logging locomotive 'mechanically making more sense' over another is somewhat hilarious. I grew up with a steady diet of Southern Region steam and have always marvelled at the clean and beautiful simplicity of Bulleid's designs. His 'Spam Cans' have always been my idea of the perfect look for a steam engine.

    I haven't seen but a couple of these geared beauties in action but I could never describe the experience as anything other than a bizarre threshing of an assemblage of compromise parts trying to make a compromise locomotive work, and work well even on the most compromising track in a hostile and compromising environment.

    It is a truly wondrous experience if you get to hear it coming before clapping eyes on it. One's ears tell you an express steamer is bearing down at a terrific rate of knots but then it appears waddling and grinding barely making 10 mph but working like a demon to do so. A video does not do justice to witnessing the real thing.

    The Hairy Otters Railway has 3 Rivy Heislers, 2 MDC Climax's and 2 MDC Shays and of course sorely needs one of the new Bachmann class B's. We do have a tiny little Roco mallet that is struggling to keep it's end up until the new 2-6-6-2 Mantua logger arrives from Tony's Trains......any month now....
  11. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    Hey lightbender,

    I meant that having the drive shaft down the centre if the loco is more sensible than hanging it off the side in the dirt (except for maintenance, which must be easier on a Shay) but I know what you mean.

    They must have all been up all night drinking homebrewed mountain dew when they first came up with any of the geared locos:)

    Is the Roco mallet you're using the tiny Bravarian 0-4-4-0T (see below). I saw one at the Glasgow model railway show today. It was incredibly cute. I wanted to take it home and give it a nice warm bed in my engine shed.

    Is it actually articulated? The one this guy had on his layout didn't look as if it was but it was hard to tell.


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  12. Lightbender

    Lightbender Member

    Hello Neil,

    She is seriously cute as you can see being dwarfed by the CN diesel. She runs like a swiss watch, a busy, delightful and willing worker and is worth whatever she costs. You will never regret a penny even though she isn't articulated and has funny couplers. Please excuse my crude conversion. The KD's were simply hot glued into the old coupler making for an unrealistically far coupled look.

  13. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Ian,
    Whats the new price of these then, it might make a good conversion into 0n30:thumb:
  14. camelot

    camelot Member

  15. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    Thanks for your help Lightbender.

    I need ot get me one of those:thumb: :D
  16. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

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