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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Harold Cole, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Well too late,i just got some wheelsets From NWSL the ones that were supposed to be out of stock.They are 40" wheelsets with the gear and they are exactly like the ones that came out of the old ones.So why did 4 of my Powered Metroliner units have 40" wheelsets¿I know an older fellow that works in the Wilmington Shops and he used to work on the Metroliners when they came into the shops for repairs.Monday when i go back to work,i'll pick his brain about the wheel sizes.Seems to me years ago,i can remember the wheels being hugh,but i could be wrong.I also ordered 40" metal wheelsets for the dummy metroliner cars so i can add lights,should get them in a few days.
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    I'm a new member here, and this article was very interesting for me because I also have a complete HO Metroliner set (8 cars) and since the beginning (I got the first powered unit in 1976) I've noted the poor power transmission of the engine. In this week I made a modification in the motor and transmission system, using an original double flywheel Atlas motor and remaining parts of the Bachmann axle couplings and local manufactured transmission shaft.
    In fact, Tenshodo or similar trucks are the best resource to solve the problem, but here in Brazil they're hard to find in my local hobby dealer. Perhaps I can get a Proto RDC chassis, but it's difficult to appear regularly here.
    So, I attempted to improve the mechanical characteristics of the original 8 wheel drive Bachmann drive. The only problem is the noise: the pinion gear assembly isn't the proper system for this application. Anyway, here is my own solution, functional, and also a curiosity.
    Best regards:thumb:

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    I actually eventually upgraded mine to DCC. The thing is, its still that ridiculous gearing in the trucks that holds the Metroliner back. I'm seriously considering just buying a ton of the new NWSL Stanton drives and installing them in every other car. Underfloor powered trucks are more than enough to get the train rolling.

    I used neoprene aircraft fuel line to connect the new motor to the original drive shafts. this is a very effective way of connecting two shafts. when the motor turns, it works like a chinese finger trap and holds on.



    This is most of my MU fleet (I have additional Arrow IIIs that didn't make it into the photo, also still unbuilt). Underfloor powered trucks are the way to go.


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