Bachmann HO 80-ton Shay decoder?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by ExtremePCs, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. ExtremePCs

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    Hi all,

    I installed a Digitrax DZ143 in my Bachmann HO 80-ton 3-truck Shay. Everything is working fine. I'm just curious if I am supposed to have a wire attached to pin 3 on the NMRA connector (8 pin connector)? All I could find on the web is that pin 3 is optional, and depends on the manufacturer if it controls anything or not. Not saying that's correct, just saying that's what I found on the web :) I'm a complete DCC newbie.

    Anyone know what the 3rd pin is for on my loco? I have 2 wires left on my decoder. Green (F1) and violet/purple (F2). By the way, I soldered the wires from the DZ143 to the bottom of the PCB. I hope that was OK :) Everything seems to be working great though.


  2. Harold Cole

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    Jason,need not worry.That pin is left out and can be used for optional lighting,or something else.

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