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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by BDC, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. BDC

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    I just purchased a Bachmann G gauge train set (the Rocky Mtn Express with a 4-6-0 loco). How is the quality of Bachmann in the larger scales? I've bought some of their stuff in Nscale and wasn't real impressed with it.

    I suppose I should have asked before I bought, but the price was pretty good and I've been thinking about dabbling in G gauge for awhile. Oh well, too late now...:D
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    Hi BDC,
    I run Bachmann G gauge with little problems. Here is my recommendations for you. First, keep the engine well serviced such as oiled, greased and free from build up on the pickups and wheels. Second, do not put excess stress on the engine as the gears on the non Spectrum series will strip fairly easy. Third, don't leave equipment exposed to sunlight for long periods of time as the plastics used on the older stuff will get brittle(such as handrails, etc). I have owned and ran Bachmann G gauge since it was first introduced. I have a boxcar sent to us from Bachmann to introduce the new large scale line, it was sent out to dealers and we had a hobby shop at the time. I keep my trains stored in a closet and the only problem I have ever had was a handrail broke on a tankcar I have had for at least 12 years I think. I know the new Spectrum series of engines is alot better in quality than the older stuff but with a little care they will work fine too. Many garden railroaders featured in the magazines use Bachmann equipment. Also, if you get serious about it, you can get aftermarket powered chassis for Bachmann engines. If you have any more questions please ask and I will help all I can. Steve
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    Hi BDC
    I also have several Bachmann 10 wheelers for quite a few years and they run fine, I second all the advice by pccentral. If you set up a garden railroad make sure that you have a feeder every 8 feet at a min. I have included a link to a good web site for the lubrication, maintenence modifications for large scale trains, there is a section for maintaing Bachmann 4-6-0's hope that this helps
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    I should have mentioned when you get to the site scroll down and click on Large scale tech. tips, then scroll down and click on Bachmann Big Hauler tips.
  5. BDC

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    Thanks for the information guys! The locomotive set arrived last night and I was amazed at the size. I've got suitcases smaller than the box that thing came in! Set it up on the carpet last night and ran some laps with it. Rather quiet electric motor in it, especially when compared to some B-mann Nscale steam engines I've got.

    I'm in an apartment right now, so setting up a garden RR is going to have to wait (the landlord probably wouldn't be too thrilled! ;) ). I'll end up buying some more track later on as well so the engine can strecth it's legs a little more. I still can't get over how big it is too. Thanks again!
  6. Greg Elems

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    A friend of mine used to set up elaborate layouts in his house on the floor. They would leave them up a few days and run the layout. Then pack them up and make plans on the next layout. Quite impressive to see them come through the kitchen and into the dinning room and onto the rest of the layout. The whole family would run trains, not much television would get watched on those nights. Enjoy and post some rug layout shots.:D

    Greg Elems

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