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    I am thinking of setting up an outdoor Christmas train. I have a 1:24 scale Hartland 0-4-0 and a scale Santa. I will probably get a flat car for a Santa scene. These are my first G pieces.

    My questions:
    I bought 4 pieces of Bachmann straight track (94511) to display and test the engine. I was looking at Bachmann 94501 curved track but couldn't find a radius mentioned. Now I see Bachmann 94601 and it says 4 foot diameter circle. Is it the same as 94501, just in a different package? Will the 0-4-0 run okay on that; 24" radius seems very tight for any G loco?

    Also, 94601 says "for indoor use only". Is that because it is steel and will rust?

    If the Bachmann won't work, what track brand would be recommended for occasional (Christmas) outdoor use? What radius?

    Thanks for any help you can give this noob,
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    the track is formed tin?. the second # you asked about is for a box of the same curved track. the curves are tight, but you can use them with a straight in the middle of the semi-circle. the track will rust outside.
    aristo-craft, lgb, usa, and others have brass and or stainless steel that will work better. none of them are cheap now that the price of metal has gone up.
    later, willis.
  3. CaseyJones

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    Willis, thanks very much for your help, David.

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