Bachmann ez-track code? and Atlas switch

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by FiveFlat, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    Will an Atlas code 80 remote switch mate up to Bachmann ez-track? What code is Bachmann ez-track?
  2. Brian

    Brian Member

    I really don't believe that standard Atlas track will mate to Bachmann E-Z track easily.....reason being is the E-Z track has the raised roadbed....whereas Atlass doesn't. Bachmann does produce E-Z track switches though :thumb:
  3. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    Bachmann EZ Track

    I used Bachmann EZ track and turnouts for my whole layout and have a generally positive opinion about the results. Email me if you have particular questions - or you can post them here for everyone to read - whichever you'd prefer.
  4. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    Hey Herc, thanks! I see that EZ track is pretty inexpensive too (or maybe it isn't and I'm just used to Lionel Fastrak prices)
    Anyway, it looks like I can make up a pretty nice 2X4 mini layout with EZ track for little dough.
    (I know - 2X4 isn't much, but I'm starting small so I can actually finish this layout and have a good feeling about this hobby)
    What do you do to transition from EZ track to (whatever it is you use) for a bridge for instance? You don't use EZ track on a suspension bridge, or trestle do you?
  5. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    okay - been looking at track online tonight - will go to LHS tomorrow for visual. But what is the difference between Left Hand Crossover turnout and Right Hand Crossover (not just the plain turnout). From the pictures it looks like you can simply flip it around and you get either one.
  6. gjxj

    gjxj New Member

    I think the eztrack is code 100, at least I had it mated up with plain atlas stuff at one time. You just have to get the roadbed the right height. You'll probably want to cut the end off of the roadbed if you want to make it look ok.
    That said I'd ditch the stuff. Just the sound of trains running on plastic was enough for me to get rid of it.
  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    You can always get track to match up - it is just a question of how much fiddling you want to do.

    Left-hand cross overs use left-hand turnouts, and right-hand crossovers use right-hand turnouts (the "handed-ness" of a turnout is based on the direction the diverging route takes - if the main goes straight, and the diverging route goes left, it is a left-hand turnout). They cannot be flipped; well they can, but you get the same thing - flipping it does not "reverse" it. See my picture below.


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  8. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    Ack! I wasn't thinking when I posted that question obviously. (I did have a beer or 4 also ;) )
    Of course... flip it over and you have the identical track!

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