Bachmann diesels...good deal?

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  1. The Kato SD45 is, IMO, much more sharp on its details and is just as "handleable" as the Bachmann (I have a Kato). However, I do not actually have any Bachmann diesels (YET), so I'm no expert lol. I'm just going by looking at the Spectrum one in its box and having a Kato in its box right next to it. LHS FTW!
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    KATO is the top of the pile but the added cost is not always good, fine deatils that break off, with the spectrum it is not as well detailed or refined but yo get what you pay for a model you do not mind using, runs well and is what i think of a 3 foot model, looks okay from 3 feet away or better
    i have 4 kato units and 4 spectrum units, i like them both, the katos i would not let my neices run but the spectrums i do not worry about them running because they will take the abuse
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    I have a Bachmann GE 70 tonner, Baldwin RF16, and GP38-2. Got them all for 40 or less a piece, DCC included. They run really well and seem to be pretty well made to me. The level of detail, while not superb, is acceptable (on the diesels, at least- I was disappointed by their 4-4-0). There are some minor things that look toylike (for example the windshields are clear and look in on an empty, featureless cab) but you really won't notice these things unless you pick it up and inspect it. They look just as good as the real expensive stuff once they're weathered and moving.
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    I have several of the Bachmann GP locos. A GP35 and a couple of GP40's. I don't count my oldest Bachmann GP40 in this lot as it was made in the 70's. They all run good as long as they're well maintained. I have some other Bachmann units that I got in a junk sale that I use as a parts base.

    Here's a shot of the GP35 in action:

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