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Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by Cascade Man, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Cascade Man

    Cascade Man New Member

    First I want to give a shout out to Bill Nelson for helping me find the elusive Grandt Line O scale ore cart. I have another challenge for the forum... Does anyone know anyplace that still sells Bachmann 0-4-0 Porters?!?!?!?! I looked on Bing, Google you name it! I picked up one of these beauties earlier, but I have to have anotherone! Or two.. :mrgreen:. Thanks everyone for help. I started my first model a few weekends ago. Sierra West Scales O scale Rigging Shed. It is turning out gorgeous! I will post pics soon.

    Cascade Man
  2. Doctor G

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    Re: New Porters

    Hi Cascade,

    Yes, I love those Porters too. Here is a shot of my two hauling sugar cane on my On30 Sugar hauler set in 1920 Haiti.

    Bachmann is re-releasing (If this is a word?) the Porters in On30. I was at the National Narrow Gauge Convention this weekend and the B.mann booth had a brochure on new releases for this year and it included the On30 Porters with sound and DCC. This has also been a big topic on the On30 "Conspiracy" web site as well. It will be a lot more expensive with all the goodies crammed in.

    I was able to buy Porter #3 at the convention used (and running) for $25. I think the new ones will be 10X as much MSRP.

    Hope this helps.

    Doc Tom:wave:

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  3. Bill Nelson

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    These wonderful inexpensive models (O scale narrow gauge was extremely expensive before the Bachman 0n30 stuff arrived), come in batches from China, so they are not continuously available.

    I found another Porter in My dad's old stuff. I gave one to Dr. Tom, and I have one all cut up trying spread it to on3. I'm going to hang onto it as is for now. I have an On3 construction number 60 shay I have to do something with, and an on30 Climax, with sound, that I intend to spread to on3 (an easy conversion). I also have, missing it's tender an 0n3 Balboa C-21. I was going to sell it, but with the recent cast locomotives available project locomotives like this no longer bring in the big bucks, so I'll probably keep it and build a tender.

    I was going to do an O scale switching layout, but the space needed to do what interests me is humongous compared to what I am used to in Ho and Hon3.

    Bill Nelson
  4. Cascade Man

    Cascade Man New Member

    Thanks for your input gentlemen! Maybe I will get lucky and stumble across one. Its a bummer though that I can'tfind one! Maybe I'll just wait till the new ones with sound come out. As always thank you!

    Cascade Man
  5. kennyrach

    kennyrach Member

    Hi and yes the B porter are out already here one that on ebay item # 330480760425

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