Bachman Plymouth Switcher

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by tomgschilling, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Hi, I’m cross posting this because I wanted to let folks know about a decoder installation service that I just used. I bought a Bachmann Plymouth Switcher from Modeltrainstuff. When I received the loco I quickly decided a decoder install was beyond my skills. Prowling the internet, I just happened to run across the name, Charles Gregory, who installs decoders for a fee. I contacted him and asked him if he wanted to take a shot at installing a decoder in the Plymouth. He said sure so I sent him the loco.

    I just got it back yesterday and it really runs great. The only sacrifice Charles had to make was he couldn’t fit the wiring to make the headlight work.

    He charges $70 for any decoder installation but if you send him your decoder he drops the price to $50. The $70 includes only a normal decoder. He charges extra for Sound and other headlight adjustments. If you want to contact him, his email address is:

    I know, spending that kind of money on an $18 locomotive seems stupid, but if you’re totally DCC watching this little bugger run on your layout seems to make the expenditure worthwhile. ….Tom
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    Why not, now it's an $88 loco :D Good to hear the critter runs well! I thunk I might get one to HOn30 bash, but never heard if they run OK.

  3. Bachmann apparently re-issued the unit this year with an improved motor from its previous incarnations
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    The motor in the new versions of the 0-6-0 and the 4-8-4 is the same one used in the Spectrum series. Learned that on the B'Mann forum.


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