bachman HO ez-track crossovers

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anyone have experiance of bachman HO ez-track crossover derailment or operation??

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  1. dvnden41

    dvnden41 New Member

    I am fed up with these crossover derailments.
    Since Bachman makes a good "riivted turnout" (no problems) i would like to know if they make (corrected) crossovers with the directional rails "rivited" also?

    Or is there a web address (or person) for technical service for Bachman.
    I dont believe this problem with these EZ-track #6 crossovers are an isolated problem to me only??

    OR does anyone know a remedy to this problem that can help?

    The main problem i see is the movable (directional ) rail is only held down at the front under a plastic clip and the piviting point is not held into the track at all, in fact it just floats in the hole, and pops up as the train wheels cross it and derails the cars. ( i have tried 4 loco's, and many train cars over all 4 of the crossovers i have on my current layout, they all derail at some time very few the same cars or loco's.)
    Is this an "old" style that they have since improved? or is this the way they are all made as i just recently purchased these 4, (2 left and 2 right) 2 weeks ago?

    Any help will be greatly appriciated,
  2. Scoobie

    Scoobie Member

    I have Bachmann EZ track also. I have also have had derailment problems. It turned out it was the coupler hoses that hangs down under the coupler. I got a height gauge and Kadee tip pin pliers per advice from some of the experts on the " Gauge". I just fixed this about an hour ago and things are running fine. I hope this helps.
    PS if your new to " the gauge" you will find your answer. These guys are experts.:thumb:
  3. dvnden41

    dvnden41 New Member

    Hello Scoobie ,
    Sorry this does not help, the coupler hoses have been checked and adjusted in a previous steps and replies. my club and members have determined that it really is the way bachman has attached the "movable" rail . the pivot just sits in the hole without any attachment and the pointed end slips under a plastic tab and is floppy. As each train car goes across , sooner or later a wheel edge make it pop "up" or "over" to derail the wheel.
    we have tested this out way tooo many times to determine this .
    thank you anyway for your input Scoobie, i am sure other members have fixed thier problem with your answer
  4. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    I recently saw this problem covered... Check out the Bach-man Forum under the thread titled " E-Z Track HO Dimensions". It might just have your solution... good luck.

    Bob sign1
  5. dvnden41

    dvnden41 New Member

    ez-track crossover problem

    hello Bob,
    i cant find any thread relating to the e-ztrack crossover problem?
    can you explain what they are talking about or check to see if the thread is still available.
  6. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member


    I have heard from too many guys that B'mann crossovers are infamous for problems right out of the box, however I have four on my layout and they work great.

    First off, I do not believe a "riveted" version is available, second: B'mann's service phone number is 800-356-3910 (and I have always had good luck and good service by using that)

    I am quoting Sean W.'s reply here from the B'mann forum..."lets make sure that your track is OK first, try putting your head down on top of the rails about 3 ft. back from the crossover, close one eye, and you may see that some of the rails are higher than others in the crossover.. if this is the case, use a FINE file and file down the higher rail(s) to match the lower rail. You might also need to sharpen the switch points. Constantly rub your fingers up and down the rails to feel any abnormalities".

    Lastly, if you filed the track... make sure you vaccuum the area you worked on... nothing will kill a lokey faster than those metal shavings !

    If you have done all that, and still have a problem... I would use that 1-800 number and ask for a replacement on the defective crossovers.

    I hope this helps your problem, good luck.... Bob :wave:
  7. Scoobie

    Scoobie Member


    Have you tried Bachmann's website they have a Q @ A section on it, called ask the Bach-mann. Hope this helps.:wave:

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