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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by capt_turk, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. capt_turk

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    Has anyone installed a DCC module in a Bachman Spectrum On30 Mogul? I found an article about the installation some time back but can't find it again. I'm looking for Pictures and a step by step, complete idiots' type article.
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  3. capt_turk

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    Thanks for the link. That is the same one I had found before.
  4. capt_turk

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    No room for the decoder

    I have an MRC AD310 decoder. There doesn't seem to be room for the decoder in the cavity above the motor.

    Will I have to put it in the tender? I would rather not put it there if possible.:confused:
  5. Woodie

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    Don't think you're going to have much choice, Captn. Most put the decoder on steam locos in the tender, as there is nowhere else for them to fit, given the nature of the the shape of steam locos.
  6. kchronister

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    Capt... Depends a lot on the functionality you need. I use a lot of Lenz 511 decoders, which are very small (technically spec'ed for N gauge, but work fine on HO). I have some steam locos where I can stash these nicely. A couple others where I can use them if I'm willing to accept the decoder intruding into the cab to a greater or lesser extent. However, if you want multiple functions, or you want sound then this won't work for you. I'm moving almost all my locos over to sound-equipped decoders, and those definitely have to go in the tender.
  7. capt_turk

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    I'm keeping it simple for now. Just throttle and a head light. To get the smaller decoders I will probably have to mailorder them. The local shops don't seem to have anything but Digitrax, Atlas, and MRC. I bought an Atlas decoder to start with. It would definitely have to go in the tender or trailing car. Luckily I have a 20 year old Life like Alco with enough room in it for about a dozen Atlas decoders. I'll just have to keep looking and maybe try a N scale decoder for the 2-6-0.
    Just got a Bachman 2 truck shay in On30. Too bad all locos aren't as easy to install decoders in as it is. The decoder plug is the coal or wood bin. I did have to unscrew the three screws holding the bin on, but the installation was a snap.
  8. kchronister

    kchronister Member is a good source for decoders, and will generally be cheaper than your LHS anyhow. He's also very good at giving advice on what decoder will fit which loco if you email him.
  9. capt_turk

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    I finally got around to putting a decoder in the Mogul. The installation turned out much easier than I thought it would. Instead of putting the decoder in the tender, I ended up double sided taping it inside the roof of the cab. I took a dremel and gound a small hole in the top of the boiler where it sticks back into the cab. Ran the wires up the corner of the cab and painted them black. Unless you get right up next to the loco, you can't see them. I didn't like the idea of putting the decoder in the tender. I've turned the Mogul into a F-14 twice already(got to put that interlocked section of track in before the drop in section across the door someday) and broken the link bar between the loco and tender. Putting it in the tender just seems to be begging for problems. Anyway, the installation went great and now all the locos on the layout are DCC.
  10. kchronister

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    Capt. -

    Of course the other alternative is to skip the interlock and put in a nice upgrade right before the gap -- that way you can get some serious air when you decide to play "model airplane" with the locos...

    I actually took the BLI K4 airborne last night, I fear. Luckily it hit a bracket and only dropped about 6" and no damage - but boy did that 1/2 second when it dropped seem like an eternity...
  11. capt_turk

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    I already have quite a bit of grade before the gap, with a short flat. I wish the drop was only 6". It's more like 5 1/2'. The loco didn't have any cars and went about three feet out before it hit the deck. Thank goodness for carpeting!! The drop-in is across the door in my RV, right over the step to go out the door. The grade before it is to get high enough to pass over the top of my desk with the scanner/printer on top of it. It's getting a lot of use now that I have the port built over the front set.

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