Baby on the way!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by McFortner, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Herc Driver

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    OUTSTANDING!!! God bless you all.
  2. cidchase

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    Congratulations, Michael !!announce1 announce1
    So glad things turned out favorably !!!
    I guess it's a little soon for pictures......(hint):D
  3. MadModeler

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    Amen to that!:thumb:

    Congrats and we're looking forward to photos. May everthing be great from here on in!
  4. McFortner

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    Update time:

    Kate is now home and sore from the C-section. Mark was transfered to Childrens Hospital of Atlanta so the specialists could check him out there (none of them had privledges at the hospital he was in). They have already done the ultrasounds of the brain, heart, spine and abdomen and they check out ok. They wanted to check out his repressed gag reflex plus what is a slight recessed chin. However, I'm not worried because his sisters chin looked recessed at birth and has moved forward since. The doctors I've spoken with say that it is not out of the ordnary for a premature baby to have a slight recessed jaw, but want to make sure just in case.

    If everything checks out, they will probably move him back to the hospital down here that is closer.


    ps: his sister is already toting around my HO F9! good thing it's not one of my "serious" trains....
  5. jim currie

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    glad to hear the news Micheal :)
  6. steamhead

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    Congrats on the little one. May he bring great joys to you & your wife!!

    But if you think this is great, wait 'till he makes you a Granpa!!! Can't beat it!

    Gus (LC&P).

    Cid, love that bobber!!
  7. shaygetz

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    Glad to hear all is well:thumb:

    I remember my wife's broken heart when we couldn't come home with our firstborn because of a high white cell count. I resolved to get a hotel room across the street from the ward, regardless of cost. Imagine our surprize when we found the hospital had its own hotel for visiting MDs and a room was available...for $18 a night. We were blessed to be able to stay right there for the whole week until she was released to us.

    Give the little nipper a pat on the noggin for us, he'll be in our prayers.
  8. 60103

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    Best wishes and congratulations to your wife. Sounds like everything is coming along nicely.
  9. McFortner

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    Well, the good news is he is breathing on his own now and is taking feedings. The bad news is his airway is partially obstructed by his recessed chin and they will probably have to do surgery to correct it. So at least 40 - 45 days before he comes home.

    Childrens Shriners Hospital of Atlanta is one of the top childrens hospitals in the US, but it is on the other side of the city and a good drive enven when the traffic is light. Since this is Atlanta, that almost never happens. We may have Kate staying at the Ronald McDonald House nearby while I stay here with the kids. We're still looking into our options right now.

  10. McFortner

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    Here is a picture that the NICU nurse took when Mark was one day old. I have a roll of film that is getting developed now and should hopefully have a few good pictures on it.


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    Yay! Another railfan to add to our numbers. Congrats `n stuff :)

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