B5 White Star???

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Oct 21, 2007.

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    itll get done eventually. so much going on right now.
  2. Master-Bruce

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    No, no. I didn't. :) I know what I can be like when I see someone designing a model I really want. I'm a nightmare!!! Like a nagging old lady sometimes actually. LOL

    No, I was just saying that I'm willing but that I don't have a lot of time lately. :)
  3. I think this project just got put off for awhile. I just watched the new BSG Razor and there were new ships to design. Oh well I like BSG to.
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    did you notice the new battlestar that was posted earlier in the galactica thread?
  5. No??????? Was it in the jay's galactica is lonely thread?
    I really want to see this.
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    yea some one showed the orthos the other day.it had about a 5 sec screen time in the movie.
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    go to page 32 of the jay galactica is lonly thread.
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    its amazing all that detail for such a short career!
  9. Is there a possibility that some one could give me a step by step tutorial on how to clean up a mesh and get it unfolded? I have Truespace, Blender, Meta, Pepakura Designer 2. I am just unsure how to go about doing what you all do.
    I would appreciate all the help you could provide. I would like to give this stuff a go.

  10. Master-Bruce

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    I'd wait a little while. SJSquirrel is writing a tutorial for meta. He's the nice guy who cleans up the BSG meshes for us in the Galactica is lonely thread.

    I've been asking for a tut on this too as I know nothing about cleaning the mesh and getting rid of intersection. I can do it in Truespace but not in meta.

    SJ's tut will probably have all you'll need when it's done.
  11. ekuth

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    Mesh cleaning bites. When I first started working on the RY, I attempted cleaning up a mesh that I found and finally gave up in sheer frustration and simply made a new one from scratch.

    I have Gearz to thank for showing me how to design a mesh in Meta for later use in Pepakura, check my vertices, my faces.... ect... ect... ect...

    Basically, you just have to keep everything neat as you build, otherwise you have oodles of crap you have to fix later.

    So my hat's off to Sj and anyone who is willing to make a clean Meta file out of a mesh! :thumb:
  12. With everyone looking for a new project How bout helping with this one. I really think it would be a hit!

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