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    Hey everyone! Spaceagent made the suggestion of doing a current build thread on the Earth Alliance (EA) Omega Destroyer from Babylon 5 (B5). Spaceagent is building one while I'm building another one from Jaybat's models. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this (re: dueling banjos). Ok here's the Jaybat's model from this forum in the resource gallery here:


    Main spar that goes through the center of the ship.

    This spar is about a 1 foot 3" or Approx. 38 cm.

    Back of the engine mount.

    side view - engine

    Engine pods

    The engine pods when rolled up from the templates don't go together too well at first. You can over come this problem by cutting the ends off like so (see below).
    Top view - engine pod disassembled

    Note the flaps on the edges have been removed and re-glued on to the model. Also, fold points have been scored. (If anyone out there can give me a clue as how to effectively score with out cutting that would be great!)


    Assembled engine pod. The drawings call for a tapered center section.


    Assembled engines.


    That's it for now!

    Sky Seeker

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    OK Here's another addition to the post.

    Side engine mounts.


    Rear Hull

    Note the center was partially cut out with flaps kept on the periphery to allow glue to attach to the main spar when it's inserted into the hull.

    The rear hull joined to the engine mount next to the almighty source of stickiness (for height comparison) .. and now a word from our sponsor....

    The rear hull with engine mount with the main spar inserted therein.

    Buffer between the revolving section and the rear and front hulls.
    One of the side doughnuts must be removed and reattached because they are off center from each other. Simply remove and reattach so that they are aligned like below with one side cut out. The other side wasn't completely cut out to make it glue to the main spar.

    Buffer section assembled. Note the uncovered area. The strip is just not long enough to extend the full length. You can reprint another piece and extend it a little bit in MSPAINT, reprint and cut out a piece and glue in place, or (if you're really into conservation of time and material or just CHEAP) just fill in the gap with glue and a black magic marker. What do you think was done?


    Buffer section mounted on the main spar and the rear hull. Can you see where the buffer was fixed?

    That's it for now. Hope you enjoy building this model.

    Sky Seeker

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  3. Sky Seeker

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    One more picture of the buffer and rear hull assembly.

    Sky Seeker
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    This post was the motivation to create this thread (See also here):


    From spaceagent:

    actually I found out what the problem was, on the aft main engines, is that they have to be scratch built a different way than the actual printed out part. it might be ok the way it is but I cant make sense out of it. so I rolled it and trimmed and it came out kind of a lopsided humped cone, I turn the hump out so it looks like a diamond cone, on each of the 4 engines and it looks ok. I am taking pics, and will show it. if you want to do a build thread too, I would like that! mine is a black and white printed out sheets, and I am catching up on these practice builds. the reason is my medical procedures are taking up so much of my time, I just decided to focus on building these printed out sheets while I attend to this medical stuff.so reducing my piles of printed models, and then just building one at a time, hopefully as big as I can get it, and lit up with leds, is my goal.

    Looking forward to seeing your pics up here Spaceagent!

    Sky Seeker
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    Sky Seeker Well Established Member


    Thanks for posting the G'Quan Heavy Cruiser. The other ones from that site should also be posted so that we can have a one stop shop for all the paper models of B5 here at Zealot. For those that are interested the link to that site is here.


    Also, maybe one day these models can be tweaked and converted to PDF with credit going to Diego Cortes Pardo or DPileggi.

    Sky Seeker
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  6. spaceagent-9

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    yes I would like to have them join here or donate their models here, but when yer gone, yer gone..... nice job building the engines, mine turned out humped too. but mine is in black and white and I had no idea where to start on that!
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  7. Sky Seeker

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    On the contrary sir .. in the internet world what is on the internet (sort of) stays on the net in one form or another (with the exception of movie files) and from the link I gave you can get 7 models in zip form. I know because I have them all.

    Check it out.

    Sky Seeker
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    I would put my efforts into Lepaj's models. They are well thought out. They are in .PDO format, which means you can copy the page your looking at to the clpboard, and Paste it into pain, if you don't like working with .pdo's. His models are fantastic.

    Sly Seeker, your model is coming out quite fine!! :)
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  9. spaceagent-9

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    you are correct sir!!! I meant the dpileggi site is down. I forgot about the way back machine! thanks for that!
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  10. Sky Seeker

    Sky Seeker Well Established Member

    Thanks Zathros! Lepaj's models are definitely on the list. I've been eyeing his raider or the battlecrab. Would he mind if someone converted his models into a pdf format placed onto the B5 section of the Zealot site?

    Sky Seeker
  11. Sky Seeker

    Sky Seeker Well Established Member

    You're welcome!
  12. spaceagent-9

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    bummer got a failure to deliver on his email.
  13. Sky Seeker

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    I've been busy as of late here is a new post of the rotating center section.

    As you can see above I had to make a glue flap to join the side to the bottom.


    When gluing you can glue multiple sections on one side up to where you have the dividing section, the thin portion joining the the large section to the small section, where the cover can be locked in place at the sharp bend area.

    Before closing the cover it's a good idea to reinforce the upper and lower sections. They have a tendency to collapse or buckle when holding them.

    Sky Seeker
  14. Sky Seeker

    Sky Seeker Well Established Member

    Bulged center section


    Test fitting the forward buffer ring.

    During the test fit I noticed something odd...
    The main spar is off from the main body by a few degrees to the right! Argggh!!!

    Do we scrap it at this point.... NO!!

    Just push in at one side at the base near the rear buffer ring and push at the top of the main spar. Next glue the bulged center sections at the top to the main spar. "Fixed"

    Sky Seeker
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  15. Sky Seeker

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    Forward section



    Forward hull section - note the back that is cut to receive the main spar.
    Forward hull section assembled.

    Note that there are gaps between the forward hull section and the bow. The gaps are filled with glue, dried, and colored with black marker. See below.

    Note the addition of the forward landing bay, side gun ports, and misc "pods". Note the hole next to the rectangular pod. See also the forward buffer ring has been attached at the bottom of the forward hull assembly / bow.

    See the forward laser attached within the hole.

    Forward hull assembly ready for attachment to the main ship.

    Almost there!

    Sky Seeker
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    I don't want this to sound weird, but can you post detailed pics of your aft section there please? I can figure out the pieces.
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  17. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Even though I like the B-5 series, I have yet to make one of their models. By the way, do not forget to color or shade in the white edges. Thanks for sharing and continue with your great build thread.
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  18. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    LEPAJ's models are to be obtained from his site, and only is site. If someone wants one, give them the link, not a copy of the model. Anything else would be piracy, and I respect Lepaj enough to axe anyone who becomes generous with his work. If he were to contact me, and give me permission, that would be different, as we do have the complete collections of many of the "cream of the top" model designers in our "Resource" section already. Check out Bob's Card Models, for some excellent aircraft. This list goes on. :)
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    Ok Zathros. I was wondering if Lepaj or we could create a master site for all B5 paper models. I do understand what going on here and thanks for the reminder. I don't want to unintentionally pirate someone's work and want to keep everything here legit.

    Sky Seeker
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    Here is the aft engine section.

    These are the pieces for the engine.

    Engines mounted on the engine mount with dividers in between.

    Side view of engines - note the square side covers overlapping the dividers with one side glued to the divider and the larger square side glued to the engine mount. A side cover is glued to the outside of the engine mount with one side aligned with the edge of the engine mount that joins the rear hull.

    Oblique view

    Oblique view with the top and bottom mounts attached.


    Side view with top and bottom mounts attached. This view has the model upside down. The top mount has a slightly more pronounced curved than the bottom one. You have to modify the curve with an extra piece of scrap to achieve the curve as seen. Once done you color it in with a black marker.

    Sky Seeker

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  21. Sky Seeker

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    Engine mount additional images.



    Rear view. Note that the central divider between the engines are joined together in the center. The bowed out sections of the dividers face outwards.

    The top and bottom sections were colored in with a black marker. Recommend to anyone building this model that the top and bottom sections could look better with another panel on top.

    Also don't forget to color in the inside portions of the rectangular and overlapping side engine covers BEFORE you attach them to the model.

    I hope this helps everyone out.

    Sky Seeker
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