B&O switching layout

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    Brakemen must be ever vigilant at the road crossings by the piers. The local drivers are never happy to be stuck at the road crossings...especially when they see the B&O's new piggyback trains being made up for their trip to Chicago, this could mean a subtantial wait for them. Close calls are the norm it seems, so the brakeman better be on their toes. I just installed NJ international crossing gates, and thought I would feature them in a few my shots, as well as some good old B&O steam. Have a great weekend everyone.

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    Some nice scenes there, Art. I like those industrial "canyons" too.

  3. Ralph

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    Great pictures! I'm a diesel man but love those steamers. Neat looking loading dock in the fourth photo and it was fun to see those guys working!
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    Great photos! Nice looking layout. :thumb:
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    Looking Good.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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