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    Hello everyone! This might be an easy question for some, but I've had trouble finding any info. When did B&O switch over to the solid blue with gold/yellow lettering on it's locos? I know it was sometime in the 60's, but not sure exactly when. I work in a public library, & we have several spiral bound books of the B&O in the Ohio area where I live, written by a retired brakeman. 1 pic leads me to believe it was 1961 or prior, but I'm a little doubtful on that. Any help would be appreciated!
    Mitch (The Donkey)
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    Mitch,When the C&O took control of the B&O in 1963 the first B&O Blue/Yellow showed up shorty there after in the form of exC&O GP9s that the C&O sent to the B&O in order to shore up the B&O aging locomotive fleet..Then in 1965 the C&O/B&O decided to paint the units Blue/Yellow..The C&O units retain the C&O For Progress and the B&O retain the Capitol dome..B&O's GP30s was delivered in the Sun Burst scheme in 1962.

    Note: The exC&O GP9s retain their C&O numbers and bells on the short hood.These GP9s had the Capitol dome on the short hood and was operated short hood forward whereas the original B&O GP7/9s had the Capitol dome on the nose of the long hood and operated long hood forward.
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    Thanks Larry

    You confirmed my suspicions that it was later in the 60's. By your signature, you're probably familiar with the B&O books I mentioned by Carl Winegardner (sp?) There was 1 pic in there in reference to a wreck on the line east of Zanesville in July of '61, & in the background was an F unit in the later colors. He must have used the pic for "filler" to utilize the "lost time" sign in the foreground. Another giveaway is the Chessie System sign above the lost time sign. I didn't think that was used until much later of course, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks Again!

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