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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by David Rosser, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. David Rosser

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    Several years ago I got a great looking B&O GP, P2K. Never did run well : it had the original cracked gear axles! Finally got to replacing them so that the running equals the looks. Can anyone guide me to who makes decent passenger cars in the blue with yellow stripe set-up of the locomotive. Only need three or so, we can not run long trains on our layout, but I hate to park such a nice loco now that it runs and sounds right. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  2. brakie

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  3. Gil Finn

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    What does P2K mean please?
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    P2K = LifeLike Proto2000, now owned by Walthers. Also can indicate the Proto2000 Heritage series (steam engines).

  5. yellowlynn

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    I have one B&O car. It's a baggage/postal car and has 3 axle trucks. It doesn't have a yellow stripe tho. It is blue and gray.

  6. David Rosser

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    Thanks to all for help and ideas, but.......... The B&O idea is done. I realized that the great looking loco had two faults, the weird P2K axles, and a missing gear in the front truck,( you have to be carefull at flea markets!) so we have a loco that now rolls quietly on 4 axles,but only pulls with three. LifeLike sent me some gears, years ago, that never did fit! So it sat. I had another GP-18 with the same bad axles that had been redone for the Reading: it was only used for yard duty because of the noise. Now, all the new gears are in, the B&O has been redone as Reading also. They run at almost identical speed on the track, doubleheaded it gives me a two unit set that pulls with seven axles, good enough to pull on our two 4% curving grades. Besides, I used to work for the Reading, never for the B&O. All's well that ends well. Thanks, Dave
  7. brakie

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    Dave,The Athearn gears will work on P2K locomotives.So,I would just replace the gears with Athearns..:D

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