B-747 Space Shuttle Transporter

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by hpept, Nov 12, 2005.

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    Nice Job!!!
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    This is indeed a big problem, as all paper models builders know. Usually paper, expecially if thick, tends to crease in some points when you roll it to form a cylinder. I guess this is due to the weakness of some fibers in the paper which bend earlier than others thus giving that nasty edgy look. What i can suggest, is to sligthly roll the cylinder around the edge of the table and proceed gradatively. After some passes the paper will gently bend in a nice smooth cylinder.
    There are some cases, like the nose cone of the B-747 (or a bombshell, or a auxiliary fuel tank) in which some flaps need to join to form a conical shape. In this case it can be helpful to burnish the flaps from the inside with a round smooth object (butt end of a pen, a spoon handle) over a soft surface like rubber.
    Hope this helps to improve the look of your models.
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    Glad to know that my work inspired you. This is one of the reason people post their work here to show to everyone.

    You are right, the shuttle model i used for the SCA is the Delta 7 Studios. I had to reduce its size because i realized thet it's not exactly 1:200 scale. I don't remeber the shrink ratio i used, but it should be in the range of 80%.
    The other model you're referring to, is infact the Mars Center model in 1:100 scale.
    This is one hell of a model to build, by far the most difficult i attempted to build. A lot of attention must be paid to fold and glue the myriads of parts because fit is very good but only with an extremely accurate construction. This is definitely not a weekend model (it actually took almost one month to build).
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    what's next...

    @ Gil and John

    You'll see it very soon... stay tuned.
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    Most Excellent!
  6. Thanks hpept for your advise, I will give it a go and let you know how I get on, this is going to be very interesting especially as I use only half my planes to go into wallpictures and have them hanging in a gallery in the passageway of my home.
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    hpept, Thanks for the tips. I'm planning on constructing the whole ISS from Mars Center, and wanted to have a matching shuttle. I think I'll go for the Columbia Memorial model and, as you suggest, shrink it at 80%.
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    Did this model get released for download? I would like to build it for our space club display.


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    It was not officially released, and it will never be. Since the model is not entirely mine, but i only did a conversion from a copyrighted model belonging to Japan Air Lines, i cannot release it.
    The only thing i can do is to release a sheet containing only the parts that I designed, such as upper deck, updated engine nacelles, vertical additional stabilizers and so on. But to complete the model, will require a fair amount of scratch building and adapting, something that maybe not everyone is willing to endeavour.
    If someone is interested, let me know and i will do something, else the project is considered ended and no further developed. Thank you for your interest.
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    Need you ask?:grin:
    Yes, I'm very interested in how you converted the model to this awesome addition.
    Is this the basic model you used:

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    Yes Jim, tha'ts the model I used as a base (the blank one). It must be enlarged to 140% to obtain a 1:200 model which will match the parts i designed. I could put the sheets in the parts bin if someone explain me how. :grin:
    I can upload both pdf and Photoshop .psd native files so that anyone can fiddle with the parts, like the ail fin NASA logo which i recreated from scratch.
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    Hi, hpept. That's very generous of you.

    If you go to the main list of forum topics, the 7th heading is "Parts Bin". Just pass your cursor over it and you will see it becomes a link, click on that.

    Then pick a topic heading...doesn't seem to be any "Space" topic, but pick one, and create a thread like any other post, and you can attach the files to your post...at least that's the way I would try to do it.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think I may repaint this one in a USAF livery with Jaybats F-302 and Marco Scheloske's stargate mounted on top.
  14. That's a pity as I'm chasing the german colours set-up.

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