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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Cybermac, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Cybermac

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    I started to construct my own B-737-300 long time ago... but still I don't have any good plans with cutways. Could anybody, please, help me to find necessary plans/drawings of "Baby Boeing" ??? I saw DC-9 and B-707 beeing prepaired by experienced modellers, could You please, give me some advice, please? I am still a beginner...
  2. Rick Thomson

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Mac,

    If ricks link doesnt help, there is a 707 at this link that is a free download that may be of some help in your design of a 737.

    Below is a photo:


    This looks like a really nice model, I plan on takling it someday soon myself.

    Have a good day and I hope this helps,

    Greg aka GW

  4. Dyna-Soar

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    This thing woould look good repainted as the vomit comet.
  5. dwgannon

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    He was working on a KC-135 Version of this plane. He was requesting more info and details on the KC-135. I sent him what I had. Which sadly was not much.
  6. Cybermac

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    Thank You for Your help, and for B-707 model, which is excellent !
    I wish that model could look like this! The main problem for me is a part which is "the connection" between fuselage and the wing. I've made something like this... but without cutways.
    Do You know why is it so difficoult to find good scale drawings of the western airliners?
    By the way I think I'll be able to help with KC-135. I have some drawings...
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    The wing to fuselage fairings are always tricky. I know of no way, other than trial and error, to get them correct. I don't know why good 3 views are hard to find--but they are, and not just for airliners. I've always found that drawing up my own set, from pictures, drawings and measurements always got me what I wanted. You just have to be a bit persistant.
  8. Would a 3D model be of use?

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  9. Cybermac

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    if only could land on my shelf...;-)
  10. Erm...virtually it can. Can supply free in mqo format plus utility to get other models into the same form.
  11. Cybermac

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    Hi! I found in the net this... :grin: Has anyone have something more about B-737MR Sulveiler??? Pictures? Drawings?

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