B-52 Test Flight

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jeffrey-wimberl, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. jeffrey-wimberl

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    Not train related but very impressive. This video is of the maiden flight which went off without a hitch. Keep in mind this thing cost about $12,000. The plane didn't make it through the second flight. It crashed during the flight. The video is about 9 minutes long. Not recommended for you dial-up guys.

  2. shaygetz

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    Impressive when it went down too...jawdrop
  3. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    holy cow, a small dog could ride in that thing!

  4. Herc Driver

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    I can't even imagine how hard your heart would be pounding being the "pilot" on that first flight. All that time and work - and once it's airborne - you've got to land it!
  5. bigsteel

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    that was awesome!,i always loved watchin RC pilots at air shows,but i never saw one that huge!!!--josh
  6. jbaakko

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    I wanna see the 2nd flight!
  7. n4085b

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  8. jeffrey-wimberl

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    Thanks for the links. I've posted them on my forum so that others there may watch them too.
  9. Greg Elems

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  10. jbaakko

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    Looks like the wind caught it.
  11. LoudMusic

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    I agree that these are really awesome models, but I can't imagine them being much fun to fly after just a few trips to the airfield. It's not like there's just a whole lot you can do with them.
  12. zedob

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    Yeah, it's almost like having an invisible layout:D

    beautiful models though.
  13. nhguy

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    Looks like he lost control of it to me. Flame out? Battery disconnect? Radio Failure? Hard to tell

    Bill S.
  14. myltlpny

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    Wow. What an impressive model. Those turbine engines sound just like their full size counterparts. Too bad it crashed. Especially at $12,000.:cry:

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