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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by E Mo Ry, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. E Mo Ry

    E Mo Ry New Member

    What have you had good results with cleaning track using an Aztec track cleaning car? Various folks have suggested Goo Gone, Nail polish remover, etc...Nail polish remover has acetone, which is both highly flammable and damages plastic, so i don't want to go there. Even non-acetone nail polish remover is flammable (contains ethyl acetate i think) so i'm not sure that even makes sense. What works well? Thanks.
  2. seanm

    seanm Member

    I like denatured alcohol... it is flamable too but have never had a problem. Goo Gon is OK, but it seems to leave something on the track that attracts dirt later.
  3. Marxed

    Marxed Member

    fluids for cleaning track?, wow i'm behind the times, lol

    when my track starts sucking, i pull out the sand paper and wipe off the dirt and dust with a towel.... i never thought you could do anything else :D

    i used a sanding attachment for my drill and custom fit a piece of sand paper, of the grit i use, and power sanded my track down
  4. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    The most generally reccomended products, from what I have seen, are Maas
    Metal Polish (which I have not tried) and/or alcohol and a T-shirt rag
    (which seems to work just fine.)

    Abrasives of any kind are discouraged, because they leave microscopic scratches
    which immediately start collecting more dirt.

    Of course, if you want to build a scale operating rail grinder, don't let me stop
    you!! :D :D
  5. Marxed

    Marxed Member

    i wish i knew that before.... our track is orginal and my dad been sanding it for years and years to!

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