AXM Shuttle ET and SRB's

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by joeblow321, Mar 22, 2011.

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    As I have stated before on this forum I am trying to make a model of all manned spacecrafts and rockets all in the same scale. The spacecraft will be 1/48 scale and the rockets will be 1/144 scale. This weekend I got done with the Space shuttle ET and SRB's. I am using a old orbiter that I built right after I found out about paper modeling. It is about 3 years since I built it. I am going to build a new one for the stack but for the time being I think the old one looks OK. Here are pictures of the model.






    Go to my blog to see the pictures of it being made.

    John's Paper Models etc

    Here is what I have done so far:
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    Very nice collection of models you have there
  3. joeblow321

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    My models on display at the local museum.


    Sign next to display.
  4. ovation

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    Thats an awesome display :thumb:

  5. joeblow321

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    Thank you for the nice comment.
  6. joeblow321

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    I saw this news that mentions about Space shuttle Atlantis. In the news they mentioned that after several weather setbacks, the space shuttle Atlantis lifted off Friday for the last journey of the shuttle program. The moment was a difficult one for several associated with the program, but concluding this section will open new ones in NASA's exploration of the cosmos. It was a very emotional moment for those who have seen the new chapter of NASA's space exploration. I found this here: Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off on its final mission
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    I agree. These new ventures, bringing Space X, with their Dragon Capsule, Bigelow/Boeing, with the inflatable space station habitats, will let private industry, who have been the ones building the ships all along, take the gamble (capital risks) and efficiency that the private sector brings with it, and let NASA focus on the projects that need it's attention, like next generation interplanetary drives for all the new spaceships that are being developed!

    Joeblow, you collection is demonstrative of so much work and effort, and it is such a great visual chronology of Space travel! I hope some of the new stuff will eventually make it into your collection!

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    Very nice work...


    You have created an excellent display for the museum. I hope it inspires kids to think about the history of the space program, and paper modeling.

    Thank you!
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    Hey Joe

    Now that is impressive, I did the same at out Planetarium and the kids could not believe that they were card models keep adding to it

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    Your Discovery came out very nice! :thumb:

    That's a beautiful display of all your models.

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