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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Hans Christian, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    After couple of days, here is a couple of pictures of Canadarm 2. Wonderful model Alfonso :D
  2. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Nice one Lucas!!!

    The one I have here is still in the sheets... can't start it yet because of other commitments and our pet cat murdered by one of our neighbor's dog (all of us here are feeling a little crappy right now because of what happened...)

    But I'll get it done as soon as things are settled here...

    But at least I made a little bit of progress here... I'm done with the installation of the DCSU box and I've just finished adding additional important detail on the Z-1 truss using sir Alfonso's model...

  3. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Aww sorry to hear that, I know how it feels, we just had a cat pass away. She was horribly sick so we had to have her put down so she wouldn't suffer. Nobody is rushing you so take your time. We all understand.
  4. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Thanks man... sorry to hear about your cat friend as well... :(

    We're still trying to get over our pet's passing (he was really close to us)... But I hope all of us here will get over it soon...

    Maybe another kitten will come and live with us again... And I sure hope it will happen... And we will be extra careful with that one when he arrives...

    Ok back on the topic :)

    I've managed to finish the UHF antenna for the US Lab. But I did some modifications with that part... Instead of going the plain 2D part out of the sheets, I separated some of the pieces and modified them to look more 3D, and I cut off the white transmitter units and replaced them with equivalent diameter toothpick, cut and sanded to shape, and then glued it to the finished unit...

    I'm about to start the SSRMS by tomorrow (hopefully once I settle some of my urgent commitments), and after that I'll assemble Progress M, and move the Soyuz capsule from Zvezda aft docking port to Zarya nadir docking port, to give way for the cargo spacecraft to be "docked" to Zvezda

    And hopefully after all that building, I can finally start on the Joint Airlock and its accessories so that I can temporarily place them on Atlantis to re-enact STS-104

  5. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Sounds great, You'll have to get us some pictures soon :D
  6. asroc

    asroc New Member

    I know this might sound to early and a bit off, but i was wondering if there are plans to build Missions 3 R, 20 A and 9 A for the station or with all the tention going on in russia are they going to scrap those projects.
  7. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Nice job on the arm underwoodl06.
  8. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Actually I already have some pics of the model, and the oldest image goes back when I first connected Zarya and Unity over 5 years ago... And from there, I took pics of the model as each key piece was added/repositioned

    The only pain I have here is the very slow upload time... I only maintain a dial-up connection to limit viruses and to keep our bill budget under control... So pic uploading takes a very long time... and I have taken many of them (well, I only got to took pics every once in a while when the camera's here... but the number of images grew over time)... So I need to consider my schedule as well for the pic uploading...

    But I'll make sure that I'll post them all here once the STS-104 re-enactment (and Joint Airlock installation) is done

  9. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    I think these missions will be flown eventually, despite the recent conflict Russia has been involved on... They have already signed the ISS agreement, and already have major hardware on orbit already, so they have to commit...

    The real question from this is will the U.S. loose its Soyuz rides from this, since they (The US gov't I mean) have criticized them for their attacks on Georgia, and the projected retirement of STS in 2010...

    But anyway, mission 9A has already been accomplished 6 years ago by STS-112, when they installed the S-1 Truss (or maybe your'e referring to Mission 9R sir :) )

    I think 3R and 9R will be flown... according to the NSF forums, they plan to expand their share in the ISS by bringing more modules other than the ones already planned or flown.

    Mission 20A will be flown for sure... The Cupola Observation Module is already at the SSPF in KSC, and Node 3 (again according to the NSF forums) is already nearing final construction. They project that the module will be flown by NET late next year...

    We just need to wait and see... After all, they can't bring this project down now... Its already at final assembly, and who knows what knowledge and benefits this facility will bring in the future...

    BTW, sir Alfonso, would you include PIRS, and the Early Ammonia Cooling Unit (flown by STS-105) on one of your releases? ;)

  10. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Yes, That is a good issue to reflect on, Will our ties with Russia affect how they help us in the ISS project, and in the future? Since the ASTP, we have been great allies and we have accomplished alot together than could've been done seperately. Hopefully no feuds will continue and that America and Russia will keep their status as (in my opinion) the two greatest allies around the globe. I would like to continue to see (and in the future, my children) to see the Russians and the Americans working together in space and on earth, completing missions together and helping put the world, and long distance exploration on the right track, and to do so, I think it starts right over our heads aboard the International Space Station. :D
  11. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi to the group,

    Answering Hans question, yes, I will do the EAS.
    Although I mentioned it before that I will skip mission STS-105 and release it later, now I have changed my mind. I think is important to follow the normal sequence of the ISS assembly. STS-105 is next followed by STS-110 (S0 truss).
    At the same time I'm modifying the P6 truss for 1:100 scale.
    Another thing, I think I rushed to soon in releasing the STS-100. I overlooked the 2D part for the UHF antenna. I will post a 3D UHF for free soon.

    Nice pics of the arm, Lucas.
    BTW, I have to say that thanks to Lucas I modified the End Effectors for the Canadarm2. He posted some photos of DEXTRE with his modification of its End Effector and I grabbed his concept into my design.

    I will do the Russian segment too. Don't think I won't. I will release it as a combo. It will include PIRS of course.

    Keep in touch,

  12. asroc

    asroc New Member

    Thanks Hans for filling me in on those issues. i was aware of the cupola, but the Russian Research and Node 3 i wasn't. You know what this means more models to add to everyones station builds :D and to everyone workiing on these builds good job guys.
  13. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Thanks for the mention Alfonso, I wouldn't call it a major mod, but I am flattered that you used the idea. I think that Hans's idea for the UHF antenna was a good idea and I was thinking of doing just that.
    I can't wait to see a model of the PIRS DC, because I can't imagine how anyone could make a design for that.
    And the Truss I am sure is going to be one of the most anticipated parts of the entire model. My parents are already impressed at how long the model is (ATV to Harmony) they will have a hard time with the truss.
    Great work so far Alfonso!! :D
  14. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Thank you very much sir Alfonso!!! That will be great!!!

    I'm very interested with STS-105 because its the mission that NGC filmed for their documentary - Rocket Men of Mission 105... That one was fun to watch!

    I'll try to upload the build images that I have here tomorrow... But currently, I'm finally done with the SSRMS, and its now plugged on the US Lab PDGF. Next will be the MARSCenter Progress M for STS-104 "arrival preparations" :)... But it isn't ready for pics yet because I'm doing R&Rs for the FGB/Service Module Solar Panel joints...

    BTW sir, I much applaud your work with the SSRMS! The one I built here move like clockwork!!!

    For the release of the trusses... since S-0 went up after Pirs, I'm thinking of building the trusses, but letting them sit on my Shuttle models (I'll be re-building and re-decorating Discovery and Endeavour I built earlier) until Pirs arrives ;)

    To Lucas...

    I agree with you bud, wait till they see you install the Integrated Truss Structure... That's almost 1.04 m long when done (since the real McCoy is approx 104 meters long)

    to sir asroc

    You can check out the forums for updates of the missions (those guys are much better updated than the homepages of any space agency), check out sir Alfonso's site for the link ;)

  15. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Hans, I wonder if it would be possible to modify the FGB solar panels to hinge like they do, so instead of relacing the panels later on after the S3/P3 Trusses are added (Which I'll have to do)
    I will also have to try and remove the P6 from Z1 before adding the S0 Truss so I don't end up damaging the model when it comes time to perform STS 120. Just think, after getting all of the trusses out there and I have to try getting that P6 off..go one way and end up bending the starboard side, go the other, Port side is damamged. ugh...well I'll see what I can do.

    Just so we are on the same track, could you please explain what the R&Rs for the FGB solarpanels are? Thanks
  16. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Well, if you know how the hinges work on the solar panels, then you can make them foldable... but since we have gravity factors here, sagging may be a problem...

    I didn't consider making hinges for the FGB solar panels because, like I said above, it may sag... What I plan for those panels is that I'll cut it in 4 specific sections, then glue the hinge support bars to reconnect the panels into their folded configuration...

    Hey, did you glue P-6 truss on Z-1? If so, then you'll have to sacrifice a section of the truss or, in the worst case scenario, one, or maybe even both, trusses, depending on how well you split them apart...

    Here's an explanation for what I did with the P-6 truss...

    I poked 4 holes on each truss, one for each attachment point. Then I made the holes tighter using super glue, and finally I plug in toothpicks. The result is that the P-6 truss is completely secured (like its glued on), but still removable from the Z-1 truss without damage to both... The aft and port thermal radiators are only glued in 5 small points using super glue, so that its easier to pry them from the truss, and recycled for the upcoming segments...

    And for the R&Rs...

    When I built Zarya, I didn't follow Dr. Fortezza's method of mounting the solar panels because it didn't allow individual panel rotation. So what I did was I took a short piece of toothpick, glued it on the solar panel, roll a strip of card aroung the exposed part of the stick (but not glued to the stick itself), to act as the joint, and finally rolling another piece of card on the remaining exposed part (this time glued to the stick), and finally mounting it to the module. The result is that I can orient the solar panels individually.

    But over the years, the wooden sticks lost some of its strength, and a few days ago, one of them broke...

    so I opted to remove all solar panels (both from the FGB and SM), and remove the joints I did earlier, and replace them with better ones... This time I'll use metal instead of wood for the "sticks"...

    I'll be uploading the images in a few hours... :)
  17. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi guys,

    I can see you are getting prepared for when the complete truss is put together. When I release my Zarya, I will release it with 2 set of solar panels for the old and new configurations.
    Also, there are some ISS parts that will be used temporarily such as the EAS, MISSE experiments and some of the Columbus external payloads.If it comes the time to remove these parts, I will include a "patch" part to cover the area where the old part was glued. The exception is the EAS or Early Ammonia Servicer from STS-105, this will "hang" from th trunnion on the P6 truss.
    Soyuz, Progress and Pirs will be attached, not glued because these will change positions.
    STS-105 is for next week.
    Take care all,

  18. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    YYYAAAYYY!!! bounce7

    back to back ISS parts!!! Oh My!!!

    Ok here are my images...

    NOTE: These are the ones I've uploaded so far (there are lots more :-D )... the model I'm working on here is now in the post STS-100 configuration :twisted:

    This build all started about 5 years ago now... during my first semester as a college student...

    One lazy late afternoon, a perfect time to be a couch potato (hehe!!! :-D ), I find myself with nothing to do... I'm so bored (geez...)... so I sat on the rocking chair outside the balcony of my grandparents' house...

    While wasting my time on that sleepy chair, I'm having visions of my (still unfinished) 1/300 ISS model that I built for my school report during my (already past) senior high school days...

    Then it hit me... hey why don't I build another ISS? I haven't tried building that thing in its original scale... so, why not?

    And so I did, After that, I jumped from the chair, went straight to the computer, and printed the 3 parts sheets of the MARSCenter Zarya and its instruction manual, and I start cuttin!...

    The build went to continue on in the evening, where I can hear the loud music and screams of students attending their college's acquaintance party, but I don't mind, I'm too busy cutting and gluing the parts...

    And some 2 days after, I finished Zarya. And my fingers were still itching from the build, so after finishing my homework, I went straight to Unity! :-D


    Here's the foundation of the whole ISS just after finishing Unity. (I had to crop the image because I took the picture of the model with something that, 3 years later, I don't want to see anymore... Its a long story)

    Then, at class, my Humanities subject professor announced that we have an individual class project. The first one was a small painting on a spare CD case (any paint will do), and the other one was a sculpture (any material will do).

    It looks like that my answer to boredom will actually helpme with my school project!!! And because of that, the build sped up, and in a couple of days, I managed to finish Zvezda, the Z-1 truss and PMA-3, and Soyuz - which I finished a day before the submission.


    here's Zvezda, nearing completion


    Zvezda installed


    Z-1 and PMA-3 now attached


    Soyuz just "docked" after assembly


    the finished ISS (post-Expedition 1 arrival) sitting in my professor's table :-D

    (more pics of the new additions on the next post) :-D
  19. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Nice work, well done

    Im going to kill someone if I do not get a soooo bad

    John John
  20. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Part 2: :-D

    After retrieveing the model from my professor after checking, I want the model to expand, so I printed all of the parts for the P-6 truss. Then, a few months after adding the truss (it was during the second semester BTW), the model was requested to be displayed in our college's exhibit.

    Many months passed and the model was now collecting dust from my room, and the P-6 truss' solar panels are now starting to sag... Then my second year from college concluded (which ended in a crappy way, due to 2 failed subjects caused by some crappy teaching :( ). From that I decide to transfer to a university that's much closer to our home here in Cavite.

    Four more years passed and the model I built when I was a college freshman almost looked like its ready for the trash bin... The P-6 truss' solar panels are now damaged beyond repair, the truss itself looks bad as well, Unity's color has faded, and the Russian modules have dust everywhere, and the solar panels have curled due to temperature changes...

    Then, another project came up, this time for one of my subjects during my last semester as a college student. The project is an activity that I propose to my professor... which involves doing an activity that requires a considerable amount of precision in a dark environment, to possibly demostrate the effects of loss of orientation (vertigo) to the normal human physiology.

    So why involve the ISS model? Simple. we all know that docking is a very precise maneuver, and verigo could be bad news for anyone steering the spacecraft.

    And because of that, my ISS model was revived from it's dusty state and I started updating it once again. And the first item to be taken care of was the P-6 truss.

    That part is now the only one that isn't included in the updates I've been doing because, its already in a very bad shape... So I made the decision to make another one, which, fortunately, turned out way better than the first one...

    I also asked sir Alfonso to help me with the updating since I want to make the models to be used as updated to the configuration that the model will be depicted during the activity, which involves the addition of the SSRMS to the model.

    Unfortunately, the activity was cancelled due to pressing schedules of turn-in submission, and the accomplishment of our undergrad thesis so that we can graduate on time...

    So in the end I managed to disturb sir Alfonso's schedule for his project (many apologies sir... :( ) because he developed the preliminary pieces of the SSRMS earlier that he had it planned...

    But at least the cancelled activity, and sir Alfonso's exceptional models finally gave a second life to my ISS model... ;)




    (if you noticed, the solar panels are a bit mis-aligned, I fixed that after the STS-102 additions)


    These pics and the ones before these are the first ones that I've uploaded, next time I'll post the rest, upto the STS-100 update :-D

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