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  1. AXM61

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    Hi to all,

    There is a consensus....the bigger, the better. I will start releasing a 1/100 scale of my AXM International Space Station paper model. Of course, for those who buy the 1/144 models, they will automatically receive the 1/100 resized model of the Space Station version module only, for free via email, not the payload bay.
    Those who have bought my models so far will receive a message shortly and will be receiving their modules.

    I sent Lucas Underwood a resized version of my Harmony module as a test build so he can fit it with the Marscenter ISS version. I think now it's no longer a secret. He did a perfectly clean build.
    Harmony is for free at my site, but not the other modules. I would really like to see honesty here in this group not asking for modules that I'm selling, such as Columbus, for free. It's not fair and it's plain wrong.
    I design them with Adobe Illustrator CS. If you have the software, it will be very easy to resize the native file, that way you won't have it pixelated as the other member mentioned.
    I work very hard designing these models. I spent too many hours at night looking at photos in order to capture the details of the models. So I hope you understand why I'm charging for them. It's a small amount....just $ 4.50 dollars for each payload.

    At the moment I'm too busy myself and haven't had the opportunity to update my site with the promised models. These will come soon.
    Thanks to all and let's continue with this thread.

  2. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    haha, yes, it certainly is a nice build even at this scale. It worked great and i guess now the demand for 1/100 scale has gone beyond just me. I hope to get some time and work on the other pieces as they come along so we can see the full test complete. The resized version of Columbus did just great Alfonso, and thankyou for taking the time just for me, to resize it. I hope it wasn't too much trouble, but now i see that 1/100 will be a default with the release now huh?. To everyone out there, this test of the resized modules was to help me finish my goal of the whole station. I hope that you all keep an eye on the build and see how it all fits together. This model is great along with the Marscenter build. So I strongly recommend this model to anyone in need of the ISS. It is a great offer and it is a great step toward one of the most interesting models I have to date. I will post some pictures when i can but right now it is time for bed so i can go to summer school in the morning...:(
    PS. Alfonso, I am sure everyone is anticipating the next piece of the station as much as myself. Hope the effort or resizing the payloads isn't too much for ya, good luck to ya and to everyone out there attempting to build this one of a kind model. :)
  3. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    WHOA!!! That's GREAT news sir!!! :-D

    Don't worry about time sir, the effort and resources you have put into these projects are beyond words to say the least...

    Hope you're doing all right there!!! And all the best in your endeavors there!!!

    Meanwhile, I'll update my 1/100 ISS into the post STS-102 configuration! (those modules and other important components you designed were more thand just great help... :-D )
  4. gregmclaren

    gregmclaren gregmclaren

    hi everybody!
    Excuse me Mr Alfonso, I believed that Columbus was free like Harmony... But what a good idea to put your models in the 1/100!You 'll make happy many people! If I find how to pay the models (very complicated...for me!), I'll maybe buy one!
    Thanks and good luck for your next models!

    See you!

  5. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    so just to make sure, station will be 1:100 but not paylaods & shuttle?
  6. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    That is correct NYIrish.
    At this point I have no plans in making ALL my models in 1/100, only the ISS for now. No payload bays, no Shuttles, no tanks.
    I need to finish all my 1/144 models first, then I can move on to the 1/100, including my new shuttle completely modified with tiles, etc... By the way, the Shuttles and tanks will still be for free download.

    I agree with the rest, this ISS model looks much better at 1/100. Even here at my studio I can see the difference between my current ISS and my new 1/100 modules. Few of these modules will be a resize only. Other modules like the truss parts will be modified, including the robot arms which will be articulated at this scale.
  7. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Just to get the info here, do you know when you will be releasing the truss sections? I just want to makesure that I can get my ink refilled maybe up here at the nearby Walgreens. Thanks :D
  8. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    This is going to be BIG... :-D

    Like I said on previous threads, there's no plastic model manufacturer yet that would even dare to consider making the ISS on such a large scale... but good thing there's sir Alfonso, doing what no one else would even think of doing... bounce7
  9. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Um, apologies for the double post... :-D

    sir Alfonso, any screenshots of the trusses? :-D
  10. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    I agree sir Hans Christian, This model will be one of the biggest paper models, and probably the only complete model of the ISS to date. I too would like to see some pictures of the truss and how I might have to re-enforce it to hold itself up over time. If it is a hollow structure then I might use a dowel inside it to keep it straight or something of that nature. This model is turning out to be one of the most anticpiated in the entire space modeling section here. (at least I think) Can't wait for the rest Alfonso. :)
  11. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Amen to that buddy!!! :-D
  12. Dyna-Soar

    Dyna-Soar Member

    There was a 1/144 scale kit by Revell Germany many years ago, but it cost out the Wazoo.
  13. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Yup sir, in fact I have one here... but detail-wise, and on some parts, dimension-wise, the model is off... too off

    FYI for our real-space modelers

    The other 1/144 scale model available in plastic is the rediculously expensive IMR kit, which will rip you wallets off at $150 a box, add $32 for a stand and another $40 or something for a detail set...

    But if someone wants a plastic model that looks like the one on orbit, they have to get the RealSpace Models 1/144 ISS resin replacement set... (plus a number of photoetched detail sets)

    there's also a small 1/280 scale kit from STC Start (and another smaller scale model, about 1/400 or 480, I forgot the brand)

    the biggest plastic model of the station came from heller, at 1/125 scale... but that one sucks because the entire Integrated Truss Assembly and its SAWs are MISSING...

    in short, (again :-D ) the largest scale model of the ISS goes to the cardboard medium!!!

    so guys, if you don't want to shell out a heck of alot of cash, I'd say get sir Alfonso's, and Dr. Fortezza's ISS... you don't need to buy expensive update sets (since all modules are packed with photorealistic details), plus you get a free Space Shuttle!!!

    speaking of the model, I've just finished updating mine into the post STS-102 config, although I can't post any pics yet because I don't have a camera available here... (bummer!!!)

    After sir Alfonso releases his Russian modules, I'll start building the AXM ISS immediately... :twisted:
  14. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    I totally agree with you, These two great models, together, make one heck of a card model too good to resist. The detail and the price are completely affordable as compared to the plastic kits. I'll keep everyone posted on my builds as soon as I get my next module finished.
  15. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Guys!!! sir Alfonso E-mailed me with some GREAT UPDATES about his release plan for the ISS!!!

    the BIG news just got BIGGER

    I'm done with Quest now. Kibo needs the arm and I have to finish the SSRMS. The arm is done but the payload bay not yet, the cradle where the arm sits is not done yet, that's why I'm delayed.
    Then I'll skip 105 and continue with S0, S1, P1, S3-S4, P3-P4, S5, P5. Then I'll do the Russian segment including Pirs. At this point everybody would have finished the Fortezza-AXM model. Finally, I'll do the other logistic missions.
    This is a preview, so you can tell everybody now what comes next.
    Oh I forgot. The STS-114 page will be updated soon. The update has to do with all ESP-2 configurations to date.

    sir Alfonso's project just keeps getting better and better!!! A bit more time and he'll provide us with all the parts needed to update the ISS model to this!!!


    (dang nabbit... I can't wait for the S-6 truss to arrive!!! :twisted: )
  16. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Oh I can't wait. It'll look so good in the current configuration. And then keeping it up to date shouldn't be too hard. I just can't wait.
  17. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    You've nicked my background photo there.

    Great news about the bigger scale Sir Alfonso.

    I have the Revell 1/144 plastic kit and the Start 1/288 kit. Both are useless. I paid £40 for the Revell kit, worst £40 I have ever spent.
  18. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Here is my JEM build thanks to the fantastic Mr. Alfonso.
    This certainly is more than I expected for one person. Truely a wonderful model and yours and Mr. Fortezza's models are the two best available at this point in time. I can't wait for the other modules to be released.

  19. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    That's one fine piece of work there!!!

    Keep 'em coming!!! bounce7
  20. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    isnt card modelling the best?

    Oh by the way, that very flusterd guy is me after running half way across the city to meet Mr. Dan Tani last month here in Cork...Very nice guy, I never thoght that I would meet a crew member from the launch I experienced but you never know...

    John John

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