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  1. AXM61

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    Hi Mike,

    Well, as a matter of fact that was the bonus I was planning to add to the combo kit. Oh man, it was going to be a secret.
    Yes, the ASTP Soyuz will be included!!
  2. WeeVikes

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    Man, I'm sorry I blew your cover!

    You could have put me off... I'd have understood!

    Well, it's great news. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks!

  3. AXM61

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    Hi again,

    Here are new photos of the finished russian vessels including PIRS.
    To Mike, the ASTP Soyuz will be released separately. It's taking me a little longer than expected. I still have to test the 1:144 version.

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  4. underwoodl06

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    Isn't Pirs and Poisk exactly alike? Just wondering. When should these be released? They look excellent! Great Job. I can't wait until I can start building again. I should be permanently stationed on Edwards AFB by Mid or Late April. Might be able to see a shuttle landing if I am lucky! :D
  5. DWest

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    These look awesome, I would like to try to build them but I think a newbie like me needs a little more practice first. Paper modeling is much different than plastic or balsa, it seems to require a lot more skill and patience - patience I have its the skill part that is somewhat
  6. Hey people! AXM's Progress and Soyuz are online! they look amazing!
  7. paulhbell

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    Keeping the thread alive

    A quick update, where my 1/144 ISS build is. All modules are complete, both the US and Russian sides. The truss is complete. I have 6 PV arrays completed, 2 more to finish. AMS is finished, see below. I have 2 ELC's finished, working on number 3 now, 1 more after that. That means I only have 2 arrays and 1 1/2 ELC's to finish Alfonso's great design.

    I fixed the damage to Kibo the optimus did when he fell on the ISS. Optimus is in a worse condition and will take longer to fix.

    I have completed an ATV and HTV.

    I plan on making Atlantis, 2 Soyuz and 1 Progress, to finish.

    On to the photos, AMS is really detailed, nice design.

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  8. paulhbell

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    Another update. Been in a bit of a build slump of late, so not much to show today. ELC-3 is finished, only 1 more to complete now, ELC-2.

    This actually took nearly 2 weeks to finish, I built ELC-1 and ELC-4 in one day each. Just couldn't get into the build.

    Anyway photos.

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  9. ovation

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    Paul,they look amazing :thumb:

    the details of this model always impress me,

  10. uiop

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  11. AXM61

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    Happy New Year to all!

    I have released my ISS model in 1:100 scale in a single download file combo kit, as an option for those who don't wish to buy separately every Shuttle payload kit found on pages 4 and 5 from the Download Pages. This combo kit #1 has the files to build the 1:100 scale version of the ISS only.

    When buying the individual kits, you'll get the ISS in 1:144 and 1:100, plus you'll get the payload bay liners for the Shuttles for each ISS mission and also you can assemble each ISS element in its launch configuration.

    I just want to make it clear that I'm not taking any advantage on the customers who already have bought the ISS separately. Customers will receive for free any updates I make on the purchases they have made.

    Combo kits 2 and 3 (Russian section) are free.
    I'm in the process of posting the manuals very soon.

    I take this opportunity to thank those who have purchased the combo kit #1 and for their comments toward the work I have put into this ISS model.

    PS: I'm giving away for free the Russian module Rassvet and the next new module, the MLM "Nauka".
  12. Bengt F

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    AXM Space Models

    Thank you so much, Alfonso!

    You are most generous. From way back in 2005, when your first shuttle models were released, with dedication and clever model design work, you have helped to create a better understanding of the complexity of the ISS, the space shuttles, their launching platforms, and their payloads.

    So many fine space model builds have been created from your designs over the recent years. And a great many of them have been completely free of charge. Thank you again, Alfonso.

    All the best,
    Bengt in Stockholm :rolleyes:
  13. P_Luna

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    Wow! This thread is a gem!

    Another model to add to my to-do list... I'd love to get familiar with the details of the ISS by building it.

    There are so many pages to this thread - I'll just have to ask: are there any plans (on the table or completed already) for the SpaceX Dragon capsule, or the Boeing CST-100 capsule, or even any of the mini-shuttles that were planned for the ISS that are compatible with this model? (Including the Klipr, X-38, Hope, DreamChaser, etc.)

    Amazing work!
  14. AXM61

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    Hi to all,
    Here's a preview of the ISS model showing the new model Rassvet.

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  15. paulhbell

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    Looks really nice Alfonso. Thank you for doing this for us.

    All the ISS builds in the various threads are looking very good.

    My 1:144 build is now in storage, my 1:100 build starts today.
  16. AXM61

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    Hi to all,

    Sorry for the Off Topic message, but I need some advice and help regarding HTML editors. My server has been updated and only supports FTPS. Unfortunately my Dreamweaver version 8 program that I have been using for all these years has become obsolete due to this change.
    Please send me a PM with your feedback. I need a program similar to Dreamweaver, in other words preferably a WYSIWYG html editor in order to work on my website.
  17. AXM61

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    I solved the problem.
  18. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    How are You Alfonso?

    The Duke
  19. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    It list me as a newbie LOL
  20. AXM61

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    Wow, what a great surprise having you back, Carl.
    It's been a long time. I hope you're fine and hopefully back to modeling.
    We don't want to know details if you were abducted by aliens or what. We're just happy you're back.

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