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  1. davidootheone

    davidootheone New Member

    Hello Paulhbell,

    Thank you for your reply, and all the info.
    In fact i have used wire only on solar panels so they can stay horizontal.
    It's true that if you assemble correctly the S0 to Destiny it will hold.
    For the russian modules i have done the AXM 1/100, i will put pics tonight.

    Thanks ^^

    Have a nice day
  2. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi to all,

    I have released the 1:144 version of the russian modules Zarya and Zvezda.
    I'm confident all the parts will fit well.
    Please let me know if any issues.
  3. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Great to see the model has been progressing while I was in Basic Training. I wish I could continue building this model but I don't think I have the time just yet. When I finish up with more training I might be able to. By the Way, I was away at Air Force Basic Military Training and just graduated Friday.
  4. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Alfonso, thank you releasing the 1/144 russian modules.

    Underwood, congratulations on passing basic training.

    I've been working on the rest of the truss over the weekend, finished p5 and nearly finished p6, hopefully put some photos up tonight.
  5. davidootheone

    davidootheone New Member

    Hello ^^

    Thank you Alfonso ^^ great job as allways.

    underwoodl06 great great great !!!!!
    One day you will show us your iss on the real one ;)

    Sorry for the pics, but as i am in italy until the end of the week, i don't have a lot of time to spend on internet, i will post later

    Have a nice day ^^
  6. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member


    Had a bit of an accident with the truss, I knocked the SARJ off, on the port side, easily fixable though. Hope this don't happen to the real ISS.

    Not had chance to do anything since the weekend, but I should now be able to update more often. Started a new job last week, only working days now, so more time for building.

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  7. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Unfortunately I don't think the real ISS will be above us if and when that time comes. and it would be a dream to go aboard that amazing work of genius. But I don't think I'll be working on any models while on active duty. Maybe a few small ones, but I'm not sure where I'd store them all.
  8. pringlein

    pringlein New Member

    Alfonso, all your real models of space are spectacular, and also the Moonraker. I always liked that movie. Thank you
  9. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi again,

    This is off topic.
    I'll be going on a business trip to London, UK for only 2 days. It will be Oct 6 and 7.
    If any opportunity arises I'd be happy to meet some of you guys who are from London.
    If interested, please send me a PM.

  10. Celldecay

    Celldecay New Member

    The detail of this thing is amazing. Starting a build of one of the shuttles now. Interested to see how it go's.
  11. Greenman

    Greenman Member

    Wow! Absolutely amazing! I really need to build this. The problem is I'll just want to build a model for each of the evolutionary stages of the ISS....I don't have that much room.:rolleyes:

    I know, I'll hang em up at work!:mrgreen:
  12. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Pirate site

    Hi to all,

    This is to inform all of you that I just discovered a site from Venezuela that is selling my Space Shuttle models.
    Apparently he has resized my original model to 50 cm in length (19 inches). He has posted photos obtained from my website and there is a link to buy.
    He even says that this model is made in the USA.
    Here's the link:

    I have contacted the guy under the alias of Depredador9615 which in spanish means "predator" with no response yet.
    Perhaps there are more sites like this one, so I ask you to check and let me know.

  13. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    I've used the report button on the site, although my spanish isn't good, I used google translate. Hope it helps.
  14. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Thanks Paul.
    This issue is very upsetting to say the least. All the efforts in designing models for free and then you get this surprise that someone is making a business out of it. I know that others have had the same bad experience.

  15. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Hi Alfonso,

    This is absolutely outrageous! He sure is a 'predator' if he scavenges off your marvellous and one-of-a-kind design work. Why can't people make something of their own?

    I am sure there is enough on his temporary web site to proscecute. Just using your own photos without your consent is offense enough, I would say as a photographer.

    It's a great shame that such a generous, considerate and sharing person such as yourself should be the target of such deliberate fraud.

    Moderator: is there no way to publicly warn others from using or buying 'his' models? OR at least to let others know where they should go, if they are interested in all the original models? Some people, like this scoundrel, should be excluded from the Internet community.

    All the best to you from Sweden, Alfonso,
    and many thanks for all your wonderful models,
    Bengt :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  16. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Pirate site

    Hi Bengt, thanks for your support.
    There's more about this guy. I'm not the only target for this fraud, he has targeted japanese sites as well and whoever created the Star Wars paper models. He is selling the whole collection on CD's.
    Please Moderator, check this link and contact the designers.

    To the rest of the members, please be aware of frauds such as this one. If you know who are the designers affected, please contact them.

  17. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to all my friends!
    More to come this year. The russian vessels are coming soon!
  18. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Here's a preview of the Soyuz TMA, AXM version.
    Soon I will release a Soyuz-Progress combo kit in all configurations including different insignia versions.
    The photos show an incomplete model, lacking the antennas and the periscope.

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  19. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    And here's Progress russian cargo vessel.
    PIRS is next!!!

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  20. WeeVikes

    WeeVikes Member


    May I make a request, while you're in Russian spacecraft mode?

    Would there be any chance of your doing a model of the Apollo-Soyuz version of the spacecraft?



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