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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Hans Christian, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Zarya looks really good Alfonso. I assume there will be alternative Solar Arrays that will be folded to resemble the arrays as they are now.
  2. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi Lucas,

    Yes, Zarya will have two sets of solar panels. You can display it for either configuration, unfolded or folded. Everything will be detachable.
  3. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Thanks for the reply and I look forward to building the Russian Segment of the Space Station especially since my existing one fell off of the shelf the other day and must I say any more?
  4. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    And here's Zarya with folded panels.
    Now I'm off to finish this model and next is Zvezda.

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  5. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    It looks excellent Alfonso! Perfectly done! I await it's release. Will you be releasing PIRS and Poisk? Also, next month is the MRM1.
  6. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi Lucas,

    Yes, I will. Zarya and Zvezda will be released together possibly with a Soyuz and a Progress. Another combo kit will include Pirs and Poisk.
    MRM-1 comes with STS-132 kit of course.
  7. ovation

    ovation Member

    I started the ones from that now closed site sometime ago,and as per had to go big :mrgreen:


    I bellive the red docking port was the wrong way round ?

    The russian modules often seem over looked,Im glad your including them all,

  8. g00se

    g00se New Member

    These look great AXM61! Any chance you could make them available in an all in one package?
  9. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    Hi again,

    Here's an update of the AXM Russian segment for the ISS. Zvezda is done now!
    I have made an upgrade to the PMA's berthing mechanism so it can match the russian versions. Now the AXM ISS will look a little better.
    In a couple of more days I will finish with PIRS, POISK, Soyuz, Progress and the nice looking MRM-1.


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  10. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    More pics.

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  11. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    I'll be the first to say, Alfonso, that you have outdone yourself yet again and that you have designed some fantastic looking models! Though I have to ask, what did you change about the docking port?
  12. Jean Paul CY

    Jean Paul CY New Member

    Great Job !!! How long is all the model ?

    Will it hung or stood on a stand ??

    thanks verry well .
  13. Cyana

    Cyana New Member

    What a great model of the ISS, Alfonso !

    best greetings
  14. AXM61

    AXM61 Member

    The Russian modules Zarya and Zvezda have been released in 1:100 scale.
    The 1:144 models will be released in a couple of days.
    Check my website.
    Take care all.
  15. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Both modules look excellent Alfonso, well done.

    Looking forward to the release of the 1:144 modules, got some time off work coming up soon, if released on time these are the build's I'll be doing.
  16. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Small update.

    I'll try and get the ball rolling on this again, hopefully some of the other builders will join in again.

    Just a small update since my last photo, S3/S4 and P3/P4 are now finished. Radiators are still using the brass side supports, they just need painting. I have all 8 arrays built up ready for S6 and P6 when they are built. I also went back and finished the little bits I hadn't finished on S1 and P1.

    Next up is S5 and P5, got a weeks holiday I need to use soon and I want to try and get the rest of the US side finished, so 4 pieces of truss, node 3 and the ELC'S to do.

    Plus still looking forward to the 1/144 release of the russian section.

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  17. Dino Josh Lee

    Dino Josh Lee New Member

    Those AXM paper models are a great item for any space fan
  18. davidootheone

    davidootheone New Member

    Hello people,

    First of all, i am happy to have found this forum, even if i just post now.
    By the way, i have been following Alphonso's work for a long time now and i finally decided to build this kit.
    I have one question to all of you that are very advanced on the construction of the iss.
    For the moment i have built the zarya, zvezda, node1, destiny and node 2.
    I use thin wire for solar panels of each russian module so i don't have panels falling because of gravity.
    I have some doubts about the lengh of the iss, i mean i wanted to know if it will be better to use a larger wire to create a "backbone" for the assembly of all the modules i just assemble.
    For the moment i didn't glue the modules between them.
    I have another question about junction between destiny and S0.
    To strenghen this junction i wanted to build anothe backbone style wire system but i have no clue on how it can be. Any idea or any suggestion from those who have done it yet ?

    Thank you and have a nice day ^^
  19. davidootheone

    davidootheone New Member

    Hello people ^^

    Excuse me for that question, but i just bought the sts 123 payload and i only see the 1/144 version of dextre, is there any 1/100 version ?

    Thank you,

    Bye :)
  20. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Hi David, I don't think Alfonso has released the 1/100 dextre yet. It says that anyone who bought STS-123 will get the 1/100 version when it's released.

    As for your other question about using wire, I haven't used any wire in the truss and it's strong enough so it don't sag. All my modules are just glued together, without wire and they hold ok. As for the rads and arrays, the arrays have a box section, in between the panels and are stong enough as the are. For the rads I have used wire for the 'zig zag' side supports, but other guys have used paper. All the above is for the 1/144 version, I haven't done any parts for the 1/100 ISS.

    As for the russian modules, have you built 1/100 ones from Alfonso or the modules from the mars centre site.

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