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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Hans Christian, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Here is the photos, post STS 112.
    I might have the photos post STS 113 up late tonight. I am still unsure.
    (let me just point out that the National Geographic to the right of the model is an original from December of 1969 with a five part article of the moon landings)
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    Tks very much for the explanation, David. You've answered something that's been buggin me for years. :)
  4. Hans Christian

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    I'm just awestrucked at your progress Lucas!!! bounce7!!!

    I also have the Dec 1969 issue of Nat Geo magazine :twisted:
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    Haha, nice. I like the launch photos and the picture of the crew walking to the Crew Access Arm
  6. underwoodl06

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    I've been making progress. As I said earlier, if I had the chance I would upload some pictures post STS 113 late tonight or tomorrow. Well technically it is 'tomorrow' but it is still tonight to me. so I fulfilled both promises. The ISS is growing and I can't wait until the next trusses debute!!! To think that we can all get the ISS into it's current configuration. Alfonso, your model is fantastic and I am having a great time building it and the results are excellent!!!
  7. Hans Christian

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    jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop

    man... now I'm really ITCHING to continue mine!!!
  8. NYC Irish

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    Plastic Modellers eat your heart out :)

    John John
  9. dhanners

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    I concur. Great work so far.

    I like the (vintage) car and the little figure. We sometimes lose our sense of scale when it comes to the ISS, and something like that reminds us just how big the thing is....
  10. underwoodl06

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    Haha, vintage..yea, it is from a railroad model so I kept it and found that it matched the scale for my model and decided to keep it as a scale reminder.

    And to Hans..I think I heard it calling your name. haha. You really should continue when you get the chance. It is really a wonderful model and I am loving seeing it come together and form the ISS.
  11. Hans Christian

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    hahaha!!! you got me there Lucas!!! :-D

    and I agree sir Dave, its hard to appreciate how big this thing is until you either put a scale person beside the model, or have seen the actual up close...
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    That model is a beauty. Great job!
    I have uploaded a temporary stand for the ISS. Be aware though, I don't have a russian section to test, so please I need your feedback. Test the stand with Fortezza's Zarya or Zvezda. It should work for my russian segment as well. Let me know, guys.

  13. milenio3

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    Really a beauty!!!

    You are doing a great job with Alfonso´s model. Definitively this one should go to a Planetarium!!
  14. underwoodl06

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    I am not quite sure what I am going to do with my collection of models, especially this masterpiece when I finally go away to BMT (Basic Military Training) in a year and a few months or so. I'd hope that I could keep a hold of them so I could keep them as mementos in my dorm when I am finally done boot camp. Who knows. I'll have to wait and see.
  15. Hans Christian

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    OH CRAP!!! Why do I have to be away from home now!!!??? :eek:

    Super Job BTW sir Alfonso!!! :inw:
  16. underwoodl06

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    I can feel your pain. I know how you feel. but just remember, it isnt going to run away before you get home, so It'll be there ready to be made when you get back. haha
  17. Hans Christian

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    You're right about that bud'! :-D
  18. AXM61

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    Hi guys,

    For your information there is a new feature on the NASA site, it's about 3D models. Click the link.

    I need a special favor from whomever wishes to help me. Because my video card does not meet the requirements to open these files, if someone could do it and download the ISS hi-res model. I have downloaded the file but not been able to open all the ISS parts. I'm interested in the SM group (Service module). Look for the sm-w mmod shields. I need the whole 3d graphic of how these panels are displayed on the large diameter cone of Zvezda. This will help me in designing a more accurate Zvezda module. You need a 3D application such as Rhino or Sketchup (from Google). Sketchup is free.
    Thanks in advance.

  19. AXM61

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    OK, I was able to open everything using Rhino with another computer. Some of the models here are not that accurate. I'm talking about external details of the models only.
    The Zvezda model here does not show anything about the SMDP's (Service Module Debri Panels).
    I like the PIRS model. It's perfect and definitively will help me completing my PIRS to be released soon with the Russian segment.
    Check it out.
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    Next Model from AXM will be coming out tomorrow!!!bounce7

    Hint: Think about FCV Valves
    Or just checkout his front page for what mission it is.sign1

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